Himalayan Outreach Program

Management education is not only about classroom lectures, case studies, and presentations. It also requires learning through exposure to unfamiliar situations and inward reflection. All the second-year students are provided with an opportunity to do so when they explore the Himalayas as part of the Himalayan Outreach Program.


- The Himalayan Outreach Program will have the second year PGDM students undertaking a trip to the scenic village of Sidhbari located on the outskirts of Dharamshala along the feet of the Himalayas

- The program kickstarts with an introductory lecture on Appreciative Learning. Students learn to appreciate their own distinctive strengths through an understanding of the self and through the perception of other people

- A day-long visit to the Cord village has students interact with the local communities and understand their political, economic & cultural aspects

- Adventure sports and other challenging activities will have students to test their thought process and the ability to work in teams