About the Program

SOIL's School of Business Design (SOBD) offers a full-time 2 Year Post Graduate Diploma in Management(PGDM). The program will blend Design Thinking and Liberal Arts with Management in a unique experiential curriculum that will provide a rich portfolio of exposure and skills spanning traditional as well as emerging areas of business management.

Whether you have a background in liberal arts, engineering, science or commerce, the School of Business Design will help you discover your creative confidence, make you a problem solver par excellence and a manager who leads with the design while being armed with the core skills that any top management program offers.

The first batch of SOBD’s 2 Year PGDM program will commence classes in July 2019.

Curriculum and pedagogy

The program curriculum integrates courses in

Liberal arts such as Social & Cultural Anthropology, Psychology of Empathy and Indian Literature which enable students to develop a holistic outlook

Classic design such as Design Drawing; Fundamentals of Space, Form and Structure to stimulate creativity

Business management & leadership such as electives in Finance, Marketing, HR and Analytics; and Strategic Leadership and Business Models to create a foundation for management

The pedagogy will require students to work extensively with fellow students and other stakeholders, instilling a culture of collaboration in them. Experiential learning and live research & projects will be an integral part of the learning process.

Careers and outcomes

Our students will graduate with a set of skills and experiences that will equip them for a success in the contemporary business world. We envision our students taking on roles and responsibilities such as:

- Product management roles at top design-led firms

- Business designers/product architects at start-ups

- Experience and service design managers at large service companies

- Strategy planning and execution management at established firms to identify and/or create new business opportunities

- Roles in traditional domains of business management like finance, HR, marketing etc.

- Consulting at design research and product development firms

- Entrepreneurship