Candidates pursuing MBA courses can be from any background. A major number of courses are looking for experienced professionals, but not necessarily ‘relevant’ experience. Your previous job profile can range from marketing, finance or accounting this is what is considered as ‘relevant’ experience, but the committee will also admit candidates that differ from these job profiles. In your class you may find students with backgrounds like a movie director of independent films, a content or creative writer and even a social worker fighting urban poverty. The reason why the committee primarily seeks for past work experience is to determine the skills, accomplishments and responsibilities handled by the candidate and the efficiency in which he can perform in his course studies.

A candidate who doesn’t possess relevant experience can also glorify his presence in an MBA course by having strong academic credentials or GMAT scores. Several recruiters while choosing an MBA graduate for their organization neglect their past working experience. They provide training for a certain period of time and notice your ability to grasp the learning. All they expect from an MBA graduate is to be well prepared, and come up with creative solutions to ambiguous problems that are hindering the growth of the company.

An MBA is not a vocational degree; it trains you to excel in activities relating to several fields and helps in personal professional growth. Being well rounded is a good thing as it may come handy in your future professional endeavours and an MBA course moulds you for it. No matter if your experience is relevant or not, if pursuing an MBA course is what you’re aspiring for go ahead and clear the related tests and enrol yourself. An MBA degree will definitely enhance your future and benefit you financially as well.

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