Most Indian candidates tend to enrol in MBA courses immediately after their graduation. This certainly allows them to embark on their career earlier, as they acquire their degree rapidly. The traditional full two-year PGDM course is one such program in India, in which candidates are selected on the basis of the scores received in competitive examinations like the CAT.

However, a majority of overseas universities, as well as a few Indian institutes, have begun to list a few years of work experience prior to the MBA, as essential criteria. The One Year Executive MBA in India is one such program.Candidates are often confused as to why some institutes require work experience, whereas others do not.

Here are some of the reasons why MBA requires to have significant work experience before pursuing an  –

  • Strengthens your Application

Having significant work experience before your MBA adds to the credibility of your application. It demonstrates your understanding of the corporate scenario and your ability to work in such an environment. This certainly goes a long way in the selection process and this is important if you wish to secure admission in a prestigious institute.

  • Adds Value to the Institute

As a seasoned professional with considerable work experience, you are sure to contribute as much to the B-School as you would gain from it. Your work prior to entering the program will not only benefit you, but will also help your peers and the program at large. With this win-win situation in view, many B-Schools make it mandatory to have at least 3 to 5 years of work experience, before applying for an executive MBA in India.

  • Practical Insights and Approach

Due to its short duration, the One Year full-time MBA in India tends to overlook certain fundamental and theoretical concepts. It is therefore important for candidates to be well acquainted with these concepts in advance. This is only possible with substantial work experience.

  • Classroom Dynamics

Sharing a class with other seasoned professionals from various fields is an immense advantage. Interacting with peers and sharing your professional knowledge as well as hearing about others’ experiences gives you a broader view of different subjects under an Executive MBA degree.

  • Improved Career Prospects

With significant work experience, an MBA works as a leadership program for professionals who wish to rise to top level management roles. On the other hand, candidates without prior exposure to the corporate arena tend to be offered entry-level positions.

These are the main reasons for which B-Schools in India and abroad stipulate prior work experience of 3-5 years as requirement for candidates applying to MBA or leadership programs.

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