Welcome back Self Starters!!

One month of summer internship passed in the wink of an eye! The second term commenced after a month long (pun intended) internship. As usual the enthusiastic Self Starters, for which they are known for, along with some interesting proceedings unveiled one of the shortest weeks. The self-starters were pumped and were ready to take up the challenges in the “Term 2”.

The morning circle commenced with students sharing their internship experiences through power point presentations. The learnings and the experience each one of them had gained must be humongous and it was very evidently visible in some of them as they had come back from their internship energized and rejuvenated.

The week commenced on Thursday, Sep 22nd 2016, with the celebrations of our beloved Anil Sachdev and HRLP fame Amit Kumar’s birthday celebrations. As usual, it was celebrated in SOIL style with videos of all his family members wishing him in their own style. “Now we finally know why Anil Sir is “ANIL SIR” and guys, his family is awesome. From the Communication and Blogging Club, we wish him a long life of happiness and success in all his endeavors.


There is no place like home and SOIL certainly is home away from home. The academic term 2 started with Bianka Ma’am “Punking” us with her “NO Economics Test Today” scare on the very first day. We were 100% convinced that this was just to make us brush up the concepts before we came back after the Summer Internship. We gotto agree, she knows us better than anyone else.

Our 2nd session on the Design Thinking workshop continued with Professor Vijay. His sessions are no less than awesome. The concepts and the intricacies of all those twisted theories are explained with such ease. Design thinking is the approach to solving a human problem in the most unexpected way possible. His visually captivating complex theories are next expected to be taken during our Sidhbari trip in the month of November 2016 and as we reckon not to be missed out at any cost.

The CMS (Career Management Services) has started working on the placement preparation well in advance and prepared a detailed chart as to how to make this a successful placement year. Mr. Rohit Gandhi shared his detailed plan on how they have planned placements for this academic year. The first step to a successful placement season is a well-planned and a comprehensive mock interview with the alumni coming to our rescue and the industry leaders stepping in, in the coming week. Some of them had their mock interviews for over an hour or even two.

The enthusiasm shown by the global leaders from different parts of the world to learn about India, its culture and our thoughts as future leaders was a huge booster to the program. The campus looked colourful with students dressed in traditional avatars! The day started with a traditional Indian welcome with the Tika and Aarti which was appreciated. The students got a chance to interact with Andy Andrew, Farida, Sushmitha, Gary to name a few. The students and the leaders interacted for over an hour and the leaders were very happy to see the passion and curiosity the students have. The discussion on how to deal with uncertainty was amazing. We even discussed about our mentors at all stages in life and what keeps us motivating. The leaders were more than happy to share tips from their experiences with the students. The best part was they were very keen to know about how things in India are different from that of their countries. They even appreciated how we live with the values here and our culture and agreed to the fact that India’s biggest strength lies in its diversity. A brilliant day comes to a close with students and leaders clicking selfies!!


Recap of the last month in a jiffy!

  • Global Leadership Conference
  • Internship Selfie Contest
  • IIM – A, Cognitive Entrepreneurship Competition
  • HCL and Yes Bank Case Study Competitions

Things we can look forward to:

  • IBM Cognitive Watson Analytics (Section A)
  • Social Innovation Program Initiation
  • Leadership Series by Laura Kohler(Vice President HR of Kohler)


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