MBA programs are among the most popular of all postgraduate courses, across the world. MBA programs across the world train candidates to become professionals and entrepreneurs of the future. From the curriculum to the teaching and learning approach, management studies differ greatly from other postgraduate disciplines.

As in any part of the world, an MBA in India is associated with a certain sense of professionalism. This diplomatic and formal corporate environment is introduced during the academic experience itself. As a result, the student experience of an MBA candidate differs significantly from other students. Read on, to learn about certain unique aspects of being an MBA student.

  • Socializing with Peers

Social interactions with your peers are fairly common in any academic experience. However, what sets MBA students apart is their approach towards socializing. Many institutes boast of co-curricular clubs that focus on areas such as entrepreneurship, marketing, consulting, and so on. In executive MBA programs where the students are in fact experienced professionals, the social interactions are often a means of forming business networks with executives from different backgrounds.

  • Intensive Courses

The traditional two-year programs, as well as the one year Executive MBA in India, are both full-time courses, often with on-campus accommodation. The course content is intensive and requires complete dedication from the students. Unlike many other PG programs, an MBA course adopts a more skill-based and practical approach towards learning. MBA students tend to stay occupied throughout the day, with not just lectures, but also conferences and presentations.

  • Diversified Learning

MBA courses often stipulate a certain minimal work experience requirement among applicants, failing which they cannot enrol for the program. An MBA classroom therefore, consists of individuals who belong to different professional backgrounds. In recent times, the number of women opting for MBA programs has also increased. Such a diverse set of students often brings about different perspectives and contributes to more objective and balanced classroom discussions.

  • Innovative Teaching Approach

The teaching methods for MBA in India tend to be dynamic and interactive, when compared with many traditional programs. MBA classes are often characterized by classroom discussions, presentations and analysis of real-life business situations, through case-studies. Many programs also invite successful entrepreneurs and executives as visiting faculty.

Indeed, being an MBA student in India is an experience like none other. Enrol in one of the dynamic programs for Executive MBA in India for an excellent learning experience.

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