SOIL’s eco-system is an addiction!

I came to SOIL with a firm promise. Determination, focus, inquisitiveness, zeal and dark-circles helped me absorb whatever knowledge I could from diverse cultures, industries, ages and life stories. “Social Innovation Program (SIP)” was not only a humbling experience that probably taught me the true meaning of empathy and compassion, it also offered me an opportunity to apply management concepts in designing functional strategies to achieve targets like community development through better education. The Himalayan retreat in the foot hills of Himalaya was spent understanding my being through nature trails in the woods, meditation and yoga.

reminisce how the fission-fusion within and around kept me going zealously until I found myself standing numb on the stage after receiving “All-rounder of the year award 2011” on the convocation day. SOIL’s eco-system is an addiction! Experience at SOIL came handy by utilizing a bespoke combination of conceptual clarity, case-studies, simulations, peer learning and guidance by my mentors being industry leaders & faculty. Being promoted as amongst the youngest Associate Manager was icing on the cake last year. It’s been almost 3 years since I embarked on this ambitious voyage and since then I have been relishing every “nautical mile” travelled.