SOIL Journey

Whisper of my Future Alma Mater
First time I heard the name of my current Alma Mater School Of Inspired Leadership (S.O.I.L) was from a close friend and a very supportive colleague during our tea break on a rather sunny evening. We were discussing about the realm of executive education and our future prospects. With close to 3+ years of work experience in IT field and a decent corporate exposure, our prime focus was beset upon a academic institution providing us with an enriching and vital learning platform. Amidst the lights of IIMs and IITs offering such courses, we heard of our future alma mater i.e. S.O.I.L. . On a lighter note we were initially sceptical about SOIL as our MBA destination as it was relatively new to this domain. But after a brief talk with one of the SOIL alumnus, we decided to apply for the same.

The Step Forward
The Caliper Test that every prospective student planning to get a admission in SOIL is made to go through was indeed in my eye unique and certainly very different from most of the tests I have given in my entire life. Through the sources of media I did find out about the test that it is more like a Psychometric Evaluation to predict an individual’s burning desire to predict its correct cohort, also whether he/she has a right mix of flair which resonates with the person’s character on the whole. After getting the confirmation for clearing the preliminary stage of SOIL’s admission procedure, I knew I have to be cent percent sure as to why I want to be a part of SOIL fraternity.

After deep introspection, I managed to depict my perspective for the essays on which my candidature would be evaluated. With a positive frame in my mind and in a subtle anxiety I gave my personal interview, which was more like a formal discussion thanks to SOIL representatives.

The Humble Beginnings
During our first day at SOIL, we happened to have the spiritual guidance and expertise of one of the best mentors in the country Mr. Anil Sachdev along with his SOIL family. Right from the bare beginnings we heard of SOIL’s unique training and learning program, the first sight of the same came into picture through the Morning Circle activity which acted as a unique platform to share the ideas and pay homage to our GURUS whose guiding spirit has helped spread the positive vibes all around the holy ambience of SOIL.

When we came to know about the struggle and hard work put forth by the SOIL fraternity to kick-start the academic institution and give life to its firm foundation, we were moved & inspired.. at the same time we came to a realisation that under a GURU’S GUIDANCE (Swami Chinmayananda) and a firm belief in the mission, one can help you achieve anything in your life. With the positive vibes reverberating around our holy field we all got a chance to meet our peers in person during the short lunch hour and breaks.

Half way through the day with heaps of energy ready to be unleashed, we met Mr. Ankush and his peer group for an interesting set of exercises, when the session ended we were acquainted with the core values of SOILs viz:

– Ethics: It was something which was imbibed in us since our childhood from our parents but while growing up, we forgot these values. Just by learning the various aspects of life in SOIL, we got the opportunity to learn about the same. We are trying to seep within ourselves the importance ethics in one’s life while making certain decisions in future.
– Compassion: We all have sympathy in our hearts for others who are in pain but what I feel that I’ll learn in my new family is to have empathy towards the people of our nation, which will not only help our fellow citizens but will also help our country to grow as a whole.

– Diversity: SOIL has a blend of people hailing from various parts of the country with different cultural backgrounds. While this might not be a distinguishing factor but what I noticed is the initiative taken by SOIL to help us gel with each other with the help of various team building activities with the sole focus on the motto “Unity In Diversity”.

– Mindfulness: Not regretting about the past and not being anxious about the future is something that helps us stay in the present moment. Both our future and our past depend on what we do in the present. This is such a simple idea yet difficult to implement. I am sure the environment at soil will imbibe this vital quality in us.

– Sustainability: This is one of the most important aspects one needs to think about while evaluating any idea. The entire idea no matter how innovative will crumble in no time if the foundation is weak and hence ignoring sustainability would be fatal.

Our next day started with the morning circle which will be a part of our life for the coming year and I’ll try to carry this habit in future too. Dr Snehal Shah taught us about the assignments imparting important corporate lessons and also the honesty with which we have to complete and submit them. She was one of the finest teachers I have ever met. I was spellbound by her vast knowledge and also the confidence with which she explained the importance of honesty. Also, we came to know about the concept of plagiarism and the impacts it has in one’s life. Next we were asked to learn about the policies to be followed while our stay at SOIL. I appreciate the way the same were taught to us by using the concept of a case study.

Till date the SOIL journey was not only an enriching experience but a unique one too. I do not know much about the teaching methodology at other b-schools but I feel SOIL certainly has its unique way of imparting knowledge and its emphasis on the moral values is unparalleled. So all in all I am prepared for the coming Year and the learning bestowed in the coming future.