“SOIL is the Place”

There comes a day in everyone’s life when one can look back at his or her whole life. Then one can see the patterns in life, and can connect those dots easily with each and every event that has happened in which had something to do with where you always wanted to be. This exactly happened to me last week, when my name was announced in the morning circle that I am placed with Genpact with a package that made me even happier and merrier. After hearing the good news I had goosebumps and was not able to digest the news. Everybody was shouting my name and was giving me a standing ovation while I was entering the class. I was awestruck by the way my fellow classmates welcomed me. I became very emotional and was not able to gather myself. I took a breath and collected myself and sat on a seat and suddenly Mr. Simond Goland, our Whole Systems Thinking professor, called me on stage to give a speech. I still don’t remember what I delivered at that very moment because I was still getting a feeling that I was dreaming. I gave a short speech and came back to my seat and started reflecting about all the things that has happened to me and how I reached till this point. Then while recalling all those events, I was surprised that all those major events and my major decisions were leading me to this point. It all converged and now all the things became clearer that why those events happened in my life. There had been some occasions in my life when I had to take tough calls and sometimes I used to repent those decisions, but now if I go back I know that it all happened because something good was in store for me.

It all started when I took a decision to join SOIL. I had a decent job and was drawing a decent salary but I had an urge to do something more, deep inside I knew that my present job was not enough and I was in a need of doing something more to grow. One fine day, I decided to start preparing for GMAT and also heard about SOIL from my colleague whose wife did a Human Resource Leadership program from SOIL and got a decent placement. I started to research more about the college and I found many great things and also some challenges that SOIL was facing. I did an extensive research and applied. Luckily I got selected with a research assistantship. I quit my job and took a tough decision to join SOIL. I had most of the eyebrows raised when I took this decision and then I took it as a challenge to prove a point and had confidence in college and joined SOIL. Even within a week, I had a feeling that I was enjoying my new life at SOIL and getting into the shoes of a student again. Suddenly the program took pace and we used to be fully loaded with assignments most of the time. Time passed soon, had many troughs and crests in the journey at SOIL. I am also working as a research assistant for Social Innovation Project (SIP) and learnt a lot in the process. The whole SIP thing helped me a lot in broadening my thinking. Apart from SIP some other major unique activities at SOIL like Sidhbari trip, External Mentorship, Huge Industry networks, Value system at SOIL, Theatre workshop, Mock interviews etc helped me a lot in cracking the process at Genpact and getting whopping package.

So, I am still sailing through this journey after this major event in my life at SOIL and learning continues. I can say that SOIL is the place which undoubtedly gave me some of the best and most memorable moments of my life.