SOIL gave me an opportunity to lead

May 14, 2012 marked the beginning of a new journey for me and my life took a turn which I had never planned before. It is rightly said: “Life is full of ‘Uncertainties’ but whatever happens, happens for ‘Good’

I believed in it and joined SOIL despite having offers from other prestigious B-schools. The very fact that I am stating other B-schools itself justifies that SOIL is more than just a B-school as I am very sure of one thing – the varied experience I gathered in SOIL in one year, would not have matched the experience gained in other conventional institutes.

Before I joined SOIL, like any other MBA aspirant, I had my questions about the recognition of the college, affiliation with AICTE, its placements, its course structure etc. I inquired a lot about this college and all the other prestigious colleges in Chennai, Delhi, and Ghaziabad where I was capable to join. But the best part that attracted and lured me towards this school was the honesty and dedication with which my doubts were clarified. There were no hidden motives, no dreamland world but a blunt truth about what SOIL is all about, what is SOIL`s belief system and what should be my expectations.

My learning from SOIL started from Day 1 when I learnt that this is not the place where you can be complacent. But more than that it was a big family where everyone had his/her own individuality. No one was just an MBA student who came in to learn. Everyone has their thoughts which were given importance. That was the best part of this institution.

I was never an exceptional performer. I had always been an average student in school and college who was always interested in playing cricket and pursuing his hobby of dancing, chatting etc. But SOIL gave me reasons and opportunities to excel in everything I wanted to do. It all started with classroom activities performing well in exams, actively participating in group assignments and helping other friends to perform well.

As a part of curriculum, apart from gaining classroom knowledge, I was given a chance to do my servings for the society, interact with top leaders of industry as my mentors, work for various companies in live projects and last but not the least interact and learn from the CEO and founder Mr. Anil Sachdev who needs no introduction but can be called as powerhouse of knowledge. As I look back, I feel in one year nobody could dream of a better substitute available. It is easy to write an experience but it is really difficult to explain one. So everything that I have stated is an experience in its own way which is really unique and rich in its every aspect.

Soil gave me an opportunity to lead and manage an event – Inspired Leadership Conference (ILC), which is an annual flagship event of SOIL and various eminent leaders from industry participate in it. It gave an incredible experience to me as on one hand I led the group of students and on the other hand interacted with industry leaders to bring out something meaningful for the society.

Then came the Soil Premier League which was another opportunity bestowed on me to conduct an event for the Alumni, current students and staff where all could share the happiness of being members of the Soil Family.

All these events turned me into a competent and capable individual, who now knew the meaning of Mindfulness, Ethics, Sustainability, Diversity and Compassion – the five pillars of the school. The dedication to learn and perform and believing in the philosophy of SOIL transformed me into a person that I always wanted to be – an “ALL Rounder”. This particular word always fascinated me but Soil recognized me and awarded me with an “all rounder” award at convocation for my top performance in academics, sports and extracurricular.

This complete year in SOIL changed my way of looking at things: the way I approach things, the way I carry myself , the way I perform in a team or as a matter of fact the way I lead a team. All this came from the entire eco-system and environment provided by the school and the way it nurtured our gradual transformation. At the end, I was not only an MBA graduate with higher skills but also a charged up human being ready to do something for the organization, society and the country at large.