SOIL brought phenomenal change in my daughter

I had heard about SOIL from and decided to send my daughter there on the recommendation of my cousin who had worked with Mr. Anil Sachdev years ago. He had said that if you want your child’s overall personality development, send her to this institute, placements will follow automatically. This fact was proved within a month of joining. The first change that I noticed was a dramatic increase in her concern for the family, and I realized that inculcating deep family values was a strongpoint at SOIL, a quality much needed in every individual who will eventually bond with his/her organization as a family.

Her experience of one year with an NGO had a very strong impact in realizing her social responsibilities and understanding the needs of less privileged individuals. The course at SOIL is of one year, and I was worried about the fact whether my daughter will be able to cope with the hectic schedule. But the curriculum was designed in such a way that students learnt to deal with stress situations and the importance of deadlines a quality which is helping her immensely in her job.

I am extremely grateful to the faculty at SOIL and especially to Mr. Anil Sachdev for the phenomenal change they brought about in my daughter.

I can happily say that now she is what I had always wanted her to be.