SOIL Board Members’ Stories
Creating Leaders who are guided by moral ethos

I was sitting with Anil at Grow talent Office in Gurgaon when Anil indicated a desire to spend next ten years on education. I felt it was a great idea! The obvious question was what type of education we should be connected with. We felt that our experience and expertise was in the field of leadership and therefore we should think of creating a school with focus on building leaders of the right kind.

We also felt that we did not want to create one more typical MBA school where most graduates opt for finance as that offers higher salaries. It was our hope that we can create an institute which will create diversity of aspirations and will provide leaders who value meaning in life and are guided by moral ethos. After various rounds of discussion with the stakeholders, we decided the priorities for the school. Anil came up with the name SOIL at Sidhbari and we felt it was most appropriate, as it indicated nurturing of minds.

I believe we are on the right track, and employers and academics are recognizing our unique proposition. My hope is that during next five years we will retain our uniqueness. We will also have a residential campus and will create inspiring leaders not only for industry but also for public policy and NGOs. I am most impressed by Soil emphasis on moral values and work with NGOs.

I am sure that industry needs capable leaders who are guided by Moral values of SAT, CHIT and ANAND. SOIL is doing its best to provide such leaders.