I came to SOIL with the curiosity of a child

The decision of my joining SOIL after having worked for over 6.5 years was a huge leap of faith and an extremely critical decision in life. I came to SOIL with the curiosity of a child, eager to learn, live and lead. It has been a wonderful experience so far. I have not just learnt the how’s and what’s of business but also how a balance can exist between targets and values. I have learnt the true meaning of the 5 pillars by seeing each faculty member, by learning from the Social Innovation Program, by hearing business leaders at Leadership Series and by completely immersing myself into the soil of SOIL.

The knowledge, experience and insights that SOIL has provided was an important ingredient in bringing success in being chosen as one of India’s top 25 future HR leaders. I today feel more competent and confident. I am filled with eagerness to follow the path SOIL has shown me. Ethics, Sustainability, Diversity, Mindfulness and Compassion, no longer mean words to me but are an integral part of me. They are the foundation which is shaping my today, tomorrow and the future.

(Avirup was chosen among the ‘Future 25′ HR leaders of tomorrow by People Matters initiative “Are you in the List?”. This initiative saw more than 1,300 young managers participating across the country, undergoing 5 stages of assessment and interviews to make it to the final 25 future leaders in the HR space)