Nishtha Gandhi

Welcome SOIL Batch 2012-13………..Were the words read by a girl who entered the building on 12th May’12. She was in doubts, tense and was hesitant to go in. She was thinking to herself- I am just a fresher and would now be between the batch mates who have an experience of more than 2 years. How am I supposed to stand with them? Will there be anyone of my age? Am I worth it? Have I taken the right decision? Well yes surely I had, Today when I look back and think about the first day at SOIL or the hesitation I had, it always brings a smile on my face. How wrong I was!

“Every individual has their own opinion, every individual is good at something or the other, appreciate the person for it. Do not compete with others compete with yourself, push yourself to do better than what you are.” This was the ideology of this college and believe me this is what we followed for the next 1 year and still follow it.

All the notions and hesitations which I had about myself and the college were gone in the first week itself when I met my colleagues and the way we all were inducted.

I being an average student all my life always had this one question how will I cope with all the studies and the extra-curricular since I love to be out of the class. An outstanding student never left an opportunity to be out of the lectures and whenever I got an opportunity I grabbed it with both my hands. Be it Sewa at the convocation or the two flagship events of SOIL “Meeting of Minds” and “Inspired Leadership Conference” where I headed one event and was actively involved in the other.

SOIL gave me many opportunities to learn. lead and live. All the classroom learning and discussions gave a new platform to me to learn, new perspective, it evolved me and gave me enthusiasm, a curiosity to implement what I learnt and I did get a chance to implement my classroom learning’s practically in my Action Leadership Program.

SOIL is a place where I got a family away from a family being a fresher I not only had a chance to gain knowledge from my professors but also from my peers who scolded me when I was not studying but were always there to help me when I got stuck anywhere. Even the easiest questions were answered by them to me starting from how to make a presentation to taking my mock interviews.