“Narender has scaled his contribution both vertically and horizontally in CORD after his enrollment in ELBP. ELBP has deepened his vision and perspectives for CORD’s growth in many ways strategically and
financially. His analytical skills and problem solving approach has been sharpened even further.

For instance, we have a critical problem of developing work force to serve rural and remote India. Implementation in the field is a herculean task. Since Narender’s participation in the ELBP, he has matured markedly in coaching as well as training our team to perform better. He has started building a network for outsourcing volunteers too to mentor some of our team leaders.

Narender is assiduously applying his knowledge from Action Learning Project at ELBP to many of our program components here at CORD.

I am happy to share with you that application of learning of marketing skills has enabled Narender to widen CORD’s fundraising and marketing strategies. I am sure he will scale CORD’s work even more in the future.

With ELBP, Narender has developed a greater enthusiasm and confidence to interact with different stakeholders in effective ways to the advantage of CORD. ELBP has driven his dynamism and enthusiasm further to work and demand performance from the team and himself. I see him balancing all this with greater appreciation of team members’ abilities and a greater insight in Narender to fulfill their training needs. His awareness and mindfulness towards them has acquired a new dimension.

What makes me very happy is that in spite of Narender’s increasing responsibilities he keeps
conscious balance of his family and his work demands, a learning I am sure that has been
fortified by ELBP.

I have no words to express my gratitude to ELBP team at SOIL for unveiling Narender’s potential even further through this great opportunity.

My hearty congratulations to all ELBP graduates whom I sure have similar stories to relate. SOIL is an apt ground for nurturing and creating leadership of substance and consequence.

My salutations to all of you in SOIL!

With warm regards.


Kshama Didi – National Director, Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development (CORD)