My worshipping Abode!!!!

Whenever we are sad and happy in life we think of only one person – the creator of universe “GOD”. God is omnipresent but we still go to temples to be more close to his presence. As I entered the new phase of my life I can feel strong and positive vibes all around me. I planned to devote my whole life to worship in this temple of learning. It was a totally different and amazing experience as I expected from the college. On the very first day when I felt the presence of God of the temple Anil Sir, I was stunned to see him and literally I could not take my eyes away from him. He interacted with us and changed our perspective to a great extent. He made us realize that instead of running in a race we must stop for a while and knock our minds and feel the need to discover in ourselves what we were born to do. When I sighted this holy man all my questions were answered about a holistic learning platform and what an inspiring leader one could become. He interacted with us a lot and we were motivated to learn from this holy place as much as we can.

Life had taken a full circle for me it was a school experience all again as we started with prayers after a long time, respecting our country by singing national anthem. Initially silly thoughts came in my mind but after 3 days itself I felt really good, I was able to feel the flow of energy and actually it’s the wonderful way to interact and make a strong network with peers, faculty and senior leaders present in this temple of learning called SOIL. Morning circle gives us the platform to be confident in ourselves and the most beautiful thing about morning circle is whatever we say we will be appreciated. So, this has started to change the feelings in ourselves to appreciate ourselves and others instead of exploiting the weaknesses.

On the first day I was reluctant to interact with anyone since I started this journey alone with no groups. But seniors were there to make us really comfortable by healthy interactions. The first week was the induction week which was beautifully designed. It was designed in a manner that we were playing games and at the same time getting to interact with each other and the faculty. A lot of effort was put by our seniors and faculty; it was very evident from the innovative games and was a sure reflection of creativity. We never felt like that when our college has started, we were having fun and in the meanwhile we were also increasing confidence in ourselves because we were getting to interact with peers. The whole week up till now has been wonderful and I have already learnt many things about me and if in one week I can learn so many things, I am exhilarated and amazed just by anticipating the coming year in SOIL (MY TEMPLE OF LEARNING).