My Transformation began in SOIL

I stood before a room full of children, patiently waiting for me to begin. I was there to speak to them about “Values” that focused on learning rather than the outcome. This is what “Val- Ed Initiatives” is set out to achieve.

With most of us complaining about what is missing in our society & organizations, I knew that we all were being driven by the outcome alone. I discovered the power of initializing new conversations on appreciation that completely transformed me. This transformation began in SOIL.

When my cousin told me about SOIL, I was intrigued. I engaged in conversations with the founders, understanding their concept. They guided me – patiently and honestly. They were set out to create responsible and conscientious leaders. I wanted to be one amongst them! A B-school with a curriculum that focused on authentic, unbiased conversation with emphasis on “Sanskaar”, reinforced through individual development program, Social Innovation Program and Self- Leadership is what stood out in its curriculum. My association with SOIL strengthened each day, even after I completed my program with them. SOIL focused on my personal development, with the founder taking personal interest in guiding, which kept me highly inspired and motivated.

I got placed with Dalmia Cements, through SOIL. My work with them gave me immense exposure and learning. I then co- founded Yuva Ignited Minds, a youth group started with the vision of awakening and igniting young minds about their responsibility towards the society at large working towards health, society and education. With a modest beginning of 12 members, today Yuva has grown to over 650 members, continuing to grow each day. My passion to work for the society motivated me to contest for Times of India “I Lead India” campaign. With rigorous rounds entailing personality, numerical, analytical With 20,000 applications across India TOI shortlisted 2900. The various rounds encompassed tests gauging personality, numerical and analytical ability of the applicants. Finally, making it through the process I stand representing Bangalore amongst 4 others in the TOI I LEAD INDIA campaign. 3 months back, I began my 2nd venture- Val-Ed Initiatives’ which teaches children ‘Values’ in an innovative & impactful manner to create stronger & healthier character in children bringing focus to learning rather than outcome. I teach values like Love, Focus, Positivity, Integrity & much more.

SOIL family has stood by me in each of my endeavors, whether it was my stint with Dalmia Cements, when I co-founded Yuva Ignited Minds or now when I began my journey as a Founder of Val-Ed Initiatives. My urge to give back to SOIL compels me to share SOIL’s philosophy, for everyone to experience transformation in their doing and being!