My Beautiful Journey at SOIL

It is said that sometimes you unintentionally encounter certain situations in your life; but at a later stage all the happenings begin making sense to you, thereby giving a shape to your career, future and life. I am a firm believer in destiny and that’s how I see my world – This is exactly how I can describe my advent with value based abode, namely – The School of Inspired Leadership.

It began in my second year at Hindu College when our Economics batch 2008-2011 had a chance to meet Ms. Kanupriya Sekhri, Marketing head from SOIL. The session went on for around 2 hours and that’s how I got to learn about the innovative methods in higher education that SOIL had invented in a bet to revolutionize a whole new era of management education in India. A couple of years down the line while I was in search of an appropriate job I got a call from a consultant for a job opening at SOIL. The first thing that struck me was that day at Hindu college and I really wanted to consider this opportunity.

As it is said each step in life comes with its own challenges – something of similar sort happened with me too, as I had at the same point in time got an offer to work with AON Hewitt under Consulting Operations division. Now, there were many external pressures that wanted me to work with one among the most reputed and recognized brand names in the industry under HR domain; but, as I said before about my belief in destiny – my mind had charted out a different course altogether. I was more interested to unravel my quest for learning and discover my true potential. My heart and mind were completely attracted towards the value system at SOIL and the five pillars that form its foundation. It was quite an unconventional setting to be found – to be a part of the corporate yet so rooted to the values.

Thus, I joined SOIL and there has been no looking back since then. My hunger for learning has grown leaps and bounds here at SOIL because of the numerous opportunities the institute provides. While working for this great institution, I got to know about a newly introduced scholarship scheme – A 100% Scholarship scheme for meritorious students with a liberal arts/ humanities/ social sciences background. It had certain criteria for eligibility such as the student should be among the top five percent of the students graduating from his/ her class. I fulfilled all the required criteria, but due to certain unavoidable circumstances the scheme could not be rolled out completely and I was awarded 75% scholarship by the SOIL fraternity.

My learning journey at SOIL has been a lot around self-discovery with its own set of learnings, opportunities and challenges. The opportunities provided here amplify your true potential and discover your true calling being in sync with your value system. I am completely enjoying my journey and am more than contended at the fact that today I am a more self aware individual and know a lot more about myself as I am discovering my true potential. I would recommend everyone to be a part of the SOIL family in one way or the other to truly discover the inner potential that each individual carries. I am glad that my destiny took this route and SOIL happened. All the happenings of the past make complete sense now and I am contended as never before!