Little did I know that my b-school education could also help me find my true purpose

Pen down, India’s first musical ready to roll! I see excitement in each one’s eyes and passion to make “7 Days to Wonderland” a success story! I sat reminiscing my past. Life has changed and how! I started my career in the banking industry with Deutsche bank in the investment banking division right after my graduation. Post completing 2 years there, I wanted to study further, gain more exposure. I looked at various management courses however I wanted to pursue a course in general management, rather than purely finance or marketing. School Of Inspired Leadership was then in its nascent stage, where it was enrolling students into its first batch of Business and Human Resource Leadership programs. My learning journey began with my admission into the Business Leadership Program. Being the youngest student in my course, I learnt important lessons, not only from my faculty, but also my peers. This seemed to be the highlight in my education. SOIL was exactly the place I wanted to be in- a place which gave me the academic knowledge and a platform to learn and work closely with experienced batch mates. The lessons I learnt from SOIL became the key ingredients in taking Humour me to greater heights.

Humour me! A young creative entertainment enterprise I co-founded in 2012. I got placed with Royal Bank of Scotland post completing my Business Leadership program. I worked in the consumer banking division for 2 years. When the opportunity to work in the field of entertainment came by, I knew that there was no overlooking that, but little did I know that my b-school education could also help me find my true purpose besides giving me skills to excel in an organization. I took the plunge and I am glad I did! Taking a leaf from SOIL founder’s vision, I knew that what we were creating in Humour Me was a community/family- one that trusts and guide’s each other. It’s this faith we have in each other that keeps us going and taking on unconventional projects.

Through SOIL I learnt the importance of being inspired and motivated, and that’s what we extend to our clients’- a reason to remain inspired!