I envision SOIL students will display breakthrough leadership

My 5 year vision of SOIL revolves around the students of SOIL. Over the next five years, SOIL must provide an extraordinary experience of learning and living together to 1000 young men and women. This 1000 strong team should be a great brand ambassador of SOIL. At work, I envision SOIL students will display breakthrough leadership. The SOIL alumni will distinguish themselves as people actively engaged in the community and nation as extraordinary citizens!

I genuinely enjoy the following aspects of SOIL:

The SOIL approach is to liberate its students from the shackles of simply accepting ‘what is’. SOIL students are encouraged to build the habit of unbridled curiosity. This allows them to search deep and engage with beliefs developed from a profound understanding of themselves and others.
Students at SOIL learn to leap from the question of ‘why’ to examine the possibilities of ‘why not’. Knowledge is not a limitation. Rather, it becomes inspiration for innovation.
SOIL invests heavily in enabling its students to introspect. There are various forms of such introspection – from the self-discipline of meditation to giving and taking feedback. Students discover that the power is within them – they learn how to bring it to life.

It’s a fast changing world. The global socio economic order is changing with the emergence of new economic powers. Technology is making and breaking traditions. In India, a young aspiring generation is emerging and demanding to be heard, understood and recognised. Leaders of today and tomorrow will need some time-tested and many new skills. Some of those are described below:

Leaders have to be Learners: Standing still is not an option, and akin to a ‘dinosaur’ attitude.
Authentic leadership: Power and responsibilities come quickly in this new age. People must realise joy by being genuine. Leaders must be ‘real’ people who build ’real’ relationships.
Committed leaders: Leaders must be passionately committed to the cause. They must strive to achieve goals that are ‘wholesome’ – to achieve business and financial objectives that are sustainable