Building Ethical Leaders

I truly believe that SOIL has been setup to serve the need of developing leaders globally – leaders with character, competence and enthusiasm. To me it helps them to conquer their own fear by appreciating, encouraging and educating them. And make them more mindful, ethical, compassionate to embrace diversity and build a sustainable future.

In five years, we would like to see SOIL in a residential campus and recognized as a global center of leadership development. With an accredited program, it should be able to provide leadership training and developmental programs on a massive scale across the globe.

Some aspects that are very close to my heart are:

-Active industry consortium and their participation in curriculum design and its review
-Focus on self-awareness, holistic transformation and individual learning plans
-SIP (Social Innovation Program)
-Action learning projects
-Regular evaluation of learning outcome and transformation

Today, Industry is in a challenging environment. It is facing stiff global competition, close scrutiny of its environmental and social impact, higher aspirations of its employees, shareholders and associated stakeholders. At the same time, unfortunately, societal evils such as corruption & extortions, and rise in inequality are leading to anger and antipathy across the world. It is well said that we cannot build industry and infrastructure while destroying moral and social fiber.

To strengthen this fiber, SOIL is making an attempt to build leaders who are ethical to engage and challenge negative groups of corrupt policy makers and service providers, compassionate to deal with rising aspirations and anger & antipathy, at the same time willing to create products and services which protects and sustains environment and communities around them. Moreover, it is SOIL’s endeavor to develop leaders who are energetic and passionate to perform better in the marketplace.