William started his career in academia. Before his extra-curricular activities prevailed, he served as a tenured Professor of Management at the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California, from 1985 to 1998. He was also Research Director for the Harvard Multinational Enterprise Research Project at Harvard Business School. He was acknowledged as the most widely cited academic in the field of international management during the 1985-1995 decade. His book 2020 Vision (with Stan Davis) was selected as the Best Business Book of the year by Fortune Magazine in 1992. He has written seven other books on management, including The Amazing Race. His latest book, Breakthrough, was published by John Wiley Press in 2004. He is currently completing a new book entitled GREAT CHINA, co-authored with Wei Zhong Ding.

He was a founding faculty member of the Kokusai Daigaku, a joint US- Japanese international management education university in Japan, and also of the Dalian Institute in Dalian China, the first executive education institute in China, co-sponsored by the US and Chinese governments.

In 1984, hel founded MESA Inc., a management consulting firm acquired by Deloitte & Touche in 1996. As a national partner at Deloitte, Bill had leadership responsibilities in its management consulting practice during 1996-98. After leaving Deloitte, Bill founded a new company, MESA Development, to focus on global strategy and leadership development. MESA’s clients have included over half of the Fortune 100. MESA also conducts the Global Leadership Program for senior executives of a set of leading US, European and Asian corporations.

He has served on six public company boards and a number of private company boards. He is non-executive Chairman of Broadcast Technology (NASDAQ:BCST) and Chairman of Castle Arch Real Estate Company.

He earned an AB in economics, an MBA, and a doctorate in business administration, all from Harvard University. He lives in Palos Verdes and Palm Springs, California, is an active surfer, golfer and skier, and he plays on an adult ice hockey team with his oldest son.