Dr. Karl-Erik Sveiby is often described as one of the “founding fathers” of Knowledge Management, having pioneered several of the fundamental concepts. In 1986 he published his first book in Swedish, “Kunskapsföretaget”, which became the source of inspiration for the very early Swedish movement in knowledge management in both research and practice. His book published 1990 (Sw. “Kunskapsledning”) was the world´s first with Knowledge Management in the title. He has since published 12 further books and dozens of articles. His website, www.sveiby.com, contains all his articles and most of his 13 books.

Being co-owner and a manager of a publishing company for 15 years, which he was instrumental in developing into Sweden’s largest in trade press Ekonomi & Teknik Förlag, he recognised the need to measure the intangible assets, and he went on pioneering reporting practices for intangible assets, testing them in his own company. Today he is professor at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, researcher, developer of tools and methodologies and advisor to corporations and governments worldwide.