Wine And Cheese Tasting Cannot Get More Starry-Eyed

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Wine And Cheese Tasting Cannot Get More Starry-Eyed

Ever since I was a kid fairy tales have had a profound impact on me, and it’s safe to take the liberty to generalize it to all girls and for that matter even boys. The picture thus painted is much like Cinderella ,wearing the most beautiful evening gown and walk into the room of majestic and regal setting. It still brings a beam to my face, now imagine by some power of wishful thinking it did in actuality happen to me, much like the fairy god mother granted me my most romantic Idea. So the story unfolds, our batch “The Innovators” get an invitation to the royal ball. Our hearts thumping with excitement galore, then I make my entry as grand as it could get-hands in hands with the date who was looking nothing less than “Prince Charming” with all the attire and attitude of the noble blood.

As I entered the room filled with faces familiar but grandeur strange. I was made to sit at the table where the wine glass and the cheese platter were waiting for me. Ahead of the Room was a beautiful girl in Blue addressing the gathering in the most imperial way, Tracy, our alumnus had flown from Indore to the capital, just to facilitate the evening for the College who she is indebted to for helping her learn in one and many ways. We sat with poise and royalty, Somehow such an ambience as a matter-of-factly forces you to resume your poise which is long forgotten in the mundane life tasks. Tracy explained which wine goes with what kind of cheese briefing us of the history of each kind.

We almost stumped by her knowledge of the more aristocratic kind , glaring at our glasses following her instructions intently and finally the aha moment.The sip of the first official wine followed by cheese occasionally raising a toast or two to our dear colleagues and Founder in lieu of appreciation we have. Like a good understanding father our Founder understood the wildness of the young blood and left for the day just when we, the batch of Innovators were on the brink of getting bizarre. But before he left he awakened us to the norms that must be followed in an inter cultural setting wisdom like how in some cultures you don’t refer to women as "Lady" or "Girl" and will be taken as an offence, the drill to be carried out before raising a toast and end it by saying "un santé" meaning cheers in French and we drink to that.

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Shortly after, the most awaited signature event began - Ballroom dancing, our proud alumnus showed us the norms of that science and encouraged to take to our more softer skills dancing. At this point I would like to pronounce my thought oh how lot of MBA institutions offer the right skills to excel in a job but I’m proud and at the same time humble to declare that our institute SOIL equips us to handle intercultural formal settings in a manner like it is our second nature. Where at one extreme we are enthused to sit with the villager at Sidbari in camps with the most humble setting and at other charged to knob the Wine and cheese tasting event.

All my months at SOIL I have been trying to understand the meaning of this name and finally I have understood the meaning which I would take along – Meaning is symbolic with the name itself we are and should be like the Soil and the seed of knowledge rally round to take on challenges that life will most definitely throw at us. "Grounded as we are in our values, soaring we are in our ambition to inspire and be inspired leaders"

Gurleen Dhillon
School of Inspired Leadership

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