Why Executive MBA is beneficial to working professionals?

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Why Executive MBA is beneficial to working professionals?

An MBA is a degree aspired by many, it’s not only restricted to students but also pursued by working professionals. The reason being, this course is dynamic in nature and instils the teachings about various aspects. For students, there is a full time course of 2 years for which they don’t need any work experience.

For an Executive MBA (EMBA) however, the aspirant requires 5 years of work experience and 2 years if he/she is pursuing a part time MBA. The shortest course of these 3 is the executive MBA courses; the aspirant completes this course in a year and then can return to his job.

Advantages of an Executive MBA

  • EMBA is preferred more than any other MBA program. Recruiters consider EMBA graduates as they have the advantage of work experience and already embedded knowledge about the field.
  • Entrance exams are not mandatory for EMBA graduates. In certain organizations where there is an absolute necessity of the entrance exams, the scores expected are way low compared to other MBA programs.
  • You also get to keep your job while pursuing the course, given that if your company is considerate enough. If they are willing to part ways with you for a year and take you back later, then you will be greeted with a much higher post in your company. There are also modules where you can pursue an Executive MBA degree while working; this improves your workplace performance as you apply those daily teachings in direct relevance.
  • An EMBA has no age limit, if you’re experienced enough and are ready to embark on this new educational course then there’s no one to stop you.

Certain disadvantages of this course are that not many colleges offer executive MBA in India, so it becomes difficult to find one near your home or work place. But, judging by the above pointers, the pros definitely outweigh the cons and pursuing an EMBA is the right thing to do.

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