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Inspired Leadership Programs

Why do we need Inspired Leadership Programs?

The state of our world

The world is faced with a number of challenges: global warming and climate change, depleting natural resources, terrorism, the growth of radical Islam, increasing gaps between the rich and the poor, the outbreak of new drug resistant diseases and break down of “community” are just a few that we are confronted with. Even as we get more “connected” and the “Internet of things” gets technology to work for us, we feel “isolated” and at a loss for solutions to our complex problems.

There is a growing perception that despite having many good managers, we do not have enough “leadership” of the right kind to take on these challenges.There are very few individuals in portions of power that we trust. One day we elect Obama with great hope. A few years later, we criticize him for not doing enough as the “system” prevents him from fulfilling his promises. We praise Bill gates for his philanthropy and yet to do not trust the way Microsoft competes. We respect China and its leadership for the fast pace of growth of their economy and yet do not trust them enough due to the lack of true freedom and democracy in that nation. We admire Germany for standing tall in Europe and yet do not trust their commitment to the well being of all. India too is looked at with mixed emotions – a country full of potential that has not done enough to live upto the promises it appears to hold for the rest of the world.

In this situation, the world needs new answers. We need innovation that does not merely solve local problems but results in finding new answers that make our world a better place for our future generations. This kind of virtuous innovation will manifest only if we have a shared vision and a set of values that leads to a massive upsurge in collaboration and synergy. Values are the key to enabling this kind of transformational change.

The answers that can be thought about in this scenario -

1. One Year PGP :

A one year PGP with SOIL can be a life-changing experience that can be a fruitful career choice. This program that may vary across different institutes but the core remains the same, innovative syllabus & a new way to understand industry requirements of the present.

1.1 Program Design -

These PGP are designed to develop individuals with strength of character, subject specific competence and child-like enthusiasm. SOIL is the only business school in India to have been co-created by a strong industry consortium. This PG program at SOIL provides exposure to the industry which is unparalleled with individual mentors, leadership series, visiting faculty, internships and live projects.

1.2 Curriculum for a PGP in India -

The curriculum for these one year pgp has been carefully designed alongside senior leaders from our industry partners and is updated every year as per the industry requirements. This program is an amalgamation of carefully selected courses to cultivate functional knowledge, unique learning experiences for leadership development and skill building workshops.

2. Leadership Programs :

Leadership programs embraces the leadership values that would demonstrate character that genuinely works for the happiness of all. It would have the analytical capacity to grasp the complexity of our problems and also the creative ability to find new solutions that are both path breaking and “do able”. This holistic and whole brain capacity will enable it to balance risk and return to take the best decisions in the interest of all stakeholders.

Such leaders would have the empathy and compassion to assist those in need. They would demonstrate the skill to facilitate dialogue across differences and enable people to arrive at win-win solutions by channelling conflict into positive energy.

These leaders would value and leverage the diversity in our world by respecting the uniqueness of each culture and making it a positive force to bring about positive change.

Above all, such leaders would know how to reflect, contemplate and embrace new learning. They would lead themselves in ways that inspires them and others. This leads us to the realization that the world’s best leaders are the world’s best followers. They “follow” causes that are dear to their hearts. They serve those purposes with all their beings. In the process, they attract others who believe in the same causes(s). Leadership, in the process, “happens” to them.

What is “my cause”? Why have I come into this world? Why did I take “human birth”? How do I gain an understanding of such questions? What is the “yearning” all about? Is this what we name “calling” or “vision”? How do I discover the answers to these questions?

And once I do find the answers to my questions and realize my true purpose, how do I live a life in service of this cause? Following onto these values & inculcating them into our lives by adopting either the One year PGP in India or the Leadership programs by SOIL would lead an individual towards a great beginning to a successful career.


To enlighten the leadership values in oneself, many one year programs are available nowadays in India which are tailor-made to lay down the foundation of these values in individuals. These courses are on a rise in India as well with many of the students opting for it.

Now we know how important these inspired values are in our lives as they also affect the choices we make. The one year PGP in India & leadership programs are the examples of how these values can change our lives for good.

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