What is the right time to pursue an EMBA?

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What is the right time to pursue an EMBA?


MBA programs in India are of several types, there is a full-time MBA course, a part-time course and a one year MBA course. Students who have completed their graduation and are devoid of any work experience can opt for a full time MBA course.

For working professionals there are two kinds – a part time MBA course and an Executive MBA courses (EMBA) in India. A part-time course can be pursued while working and it takes 3 years to complete; here all the basics and the concepts of management are taught. To apply for the part-time MBA course a minimum of 2 years of work experience is required at an executive or managerial level.

An EMBA on the other hand is for professionals that have 5 years of work experience, the course helps you leverage your existing career if in a relevant field or swerve career direction if irrelevant. Many people are concerned on the right time to pursue an EMBA. There is no right time as such; it depends on your career choice. If you’re working in a relevant field and think that it’s high time to propel your knowledge in the field further then you may opt for an EMBA course, on the other hand, if you’re on a career path that doesn’t tend to interest you anymore, then an EMBA course will help you explore other working fields.

One should also consider the cost of the course while planning to pursue an Executive MBA degree, it should fit in your budget as it is a full time course and you will have to leave work for a year. Another important aspect is family; if your spouse is working will he or she manage the financial burden for a year? Will he or she be supportive of your EMBA?

Consider all of these factors and then come to conclusion of pursuing an EMBA course.

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