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Dear Self-Starters,

Many of us probably would have wondered about how SOIL would be? Will it be like a school, a collage or an organization? Will I be able to handle it? Will it be fun and exciting? Will it be scary and nerve wrecking? Or maybe one with a very different experience? We are here to tell you it’s amazingly refreshing. Self-Starters, it’s more than a month since we started the beautiful journey here at SOIL and the very first month itself was such a transformational experience. Everywhere we see there is a wave of change from a silent listener to a proactive volunteer, from a pillion to a rider, from a speaker to a creator. A coruscating energy is all around us with a radiant glow on everyone’s face.

It’s been one of the best and the costliest month of my lifesays our very own Sri Sri Ramanarayananda and then sulks funnily on how insensitive it was.

The last week was amazing. It was all about classes, lectures, assignments and excruciating deadlines. The large volume of readings, the writing, the ppt, the case studies and another the case study and another case study…..uuufffff. Just when we thought that was it we received a notification about the about trauma. The elective hurdle and the debt-credit logic have kept people engaged and confused.

Whilst you’re thinking about all of this we want you to ponder about that one stupid friend in your life who you thought was not good enough for anything but cleared an MBA with a hefty package in hands gloated to you in the past. If he can do it so can you my dear Self Starter.

The week started with the very enthusiastic and touching Self Leadership Class. We realized that everything at SOIL happens for a reason! The last self-leadership class had brought tears in every student’s eyes after Anil Sir’s letter writing exercise. We learned the power of touch, the power of connection without uttering a single word and it so wonderful!!! SLP series has another good point to note, at least everybody appears to be in the morning circle!!! We are looking forward to the full-fledged morning circle on the coming Tuesday once again!! JJ

We had the wonderful Talerang session hosted by the young and talented entrepreneur, Shvetha Raina and her team. We know each of us was more than impressed by the way they handled the session. It was an amazing experience how we created a storyboard just by paper cuttings of just newspapers and magazines, things kind of fell into perspective for the vision boards!! It was so surprising to see everybody participating with such an interest and enthusiasm. Talerang unearthed those hidden creativity from each one of us! Gosh :P! We wish such things keep on happening the entire year letting us explore our real selves!!

Even though we know are no longer a kindergarden kid (How do you define being mature?). We still behave like one the childishness keeps popping out of each and every one of us. We keep on blabbering in Stats lectures. ‘Sorry Ma’am! But I guess we will be doing the same regardless of her “Claaaaaaaasssssssssss will you please listen?’. We never miss to clap for no apparent reasons and doing our ‘Awws’ and ‘Cho Chweet”. And Oh Yes! We miss Mr. Noel Machado so very much! After he left we had realize he actually gave an insight into our tubelight heads that we are…! We all will miss that keep quiet whistles in class!! Which kinda is getting adapted in other classes now.

There was plenty of cake cuttings and celebrations this last week. Karan’s farewell cake, Minali’s Bday cake and finally the Toastmaster’s 60th club meeting celebration. Karan was practically the starter of the self-starters batch! We all had our personal memories with him. We celebrated Minali’s B-Day and yeah we should admit girl’s do know how to celebrate. The last cake was at the Toastmaster’s 60th club meeting, which was a great fun and a success!! It’s a very proud moment that the head of TED X India will be attending the next toastmaster’s meeting!!J

We at CnB love to imagine different stories out of everything. And we Love You for being a part of that. We are nowhere in ‘active world’ but we look for you everywhere.

Things we Caught on CAMERA in the last week.


And finally (it’s so difficult for us to stop writing), wishing you luck for all upcoming assignment and tests (remember the most fundamental digits are binary: P). The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go. So, Learn, Unlearn and Relearn. Look at the stars, chase them and someday… you would be on it, with your own beautiful stories.
Sequenced in the night sky, as the stars shine, they tell a million stories, some of yours and a few of mine." Swami Gauravananda (Really)


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