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Let the games begin


The Self Starters batch entered into the 13th week of their various MBA programs. Last week students experienced a relatively chilled out time, after a long time, towards the end of the week. With Internship interviews happening at full swing some of the major courses from Term-1 like Management Accounting, Business Analysis – Strategic Management came to an official closure with students enthusiastically clearing their doubts on basic concept clarifications with Dr.Chiranjeev Kohli and Dr.Sanjay Dhir. It was also the official start of the SOIL Olympics and Anil Sachdev’s – Preparing for Careers. We also had the Leadership Series of Indranil Gupta on Personal Branding which brought about a sense of achievement in students.

The week commenced with the dreading Management Accounting exam with students having no idea as to how to handle a Balance sheet, Income statement and Corporate Budgeting. The fright in students was so evident that the exam was postponed to noon with the students getting a little bit of breathing time to revise the concepts once again. However, the students were pleasantly surprised with how the exam turned out to be.

One of the most interesting courses that SOILites got to experience and learn was Business Analysis by Sanjay Dhir, an IIT Strategic Management Faculty. He has over 7 years of experience in the field of management and consulting. Dr. Sanjay has a flair for keeping the class intact to him by the way he defines management concepts. SOILites got the opportunity to work on a live project under his supervision with real-time hands on experience on how the industry works. On Wednesday, we had our final exam on the subject and students didn’t care where they sat but just wanted to appear for the exam and take glimpse at what the question paper had to offer.

SOIL offers a unique touch to everything that it offers. This week marked the official start of SOIL Olympics at the campus. The Olympics would be conducted over a period of 2 weeks to determine the ultimate champion in the respective games. SOIL Olympics comprises of various games like Chess, Carom Board, Billiards, Foose Ball and Table Tennis. Students are competing head on against each other to win the ultimate bragging rights and championship. The games are being offered in various categories like singles, doubles and mixed doubles.  It was a breath of fresh air to watch students have fun in between the internship and exam hungama.

As part of the leadership series and preparing for careers with Anil Sachdev, we had the opportunity to conduct live group discussion in the fish bowl analysis concept. By this concept, an inner circle would be formed where the group discussion participants are seated while the rest of the class would analyze the discussion and rate them objectively for the betterment of the participants. Anil Sir personally gives feedback and selects his favorites. It was a very rare opportunity to learn from the HR Leader himself. Get to know about HR Management Courses.

On Friday, as part of the leadership series we had the privilege of attending one of the industry leaders in the field of branding and advertisement. Mr. Indranil Gupta, an alumni of IIM Ahmedabad who has over 35 years of industry experience in various domains with special focus on branding. He took the session under the topic of “Personal Branding”.

These are some of the take away from his session on personal branding named 'Branding You - Expectation in Action'

  • Inducing brand success
  • Desired Style + Honorable Intent = Association of Unified Relevant Attributes (AURA)
  • Bravery a Future Driven a Visionary a Leader
  • Leader - Foresight, Compassion & Strength
  • Why Branding? - Differentiate & Relevancy
  • Brand - Collective expression of value associations towards a proposition or entity
  • Elevator PitchCurrently he runs a consulting firm called Brand New Consulting which offers special branding strategies and Brand spa to organizations. It was an absolute treat to attend his lecture for all one year MBA students as well as others.

Things to look out for the coming week:

  • More internship interviews
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management class
  • Corporate Finance 2 – Mid Term
  • Self-Leadership Portrayal

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