Myths Are Broken

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Myths Are Broken

As another week came to an end, the Self-Starters batch entered into the 12th week of their management course. This was also the last of Dr. Kohli’s week at SOIL which saw the BLP students slowly and steadily the art of mastering the multitasking in its real sense. Belting case briefs after case briefs, the Faculty saw yet another batch of students battling insomnia but gaining more perspective and gaining insight on reading a case study.

Self-proclaimed Strategy consultant Mr. Karan Ahuja described his experience of the Kohli Effect in his own words, “To say the most in the least amount of words, the experience was very different. I mean, to get exposed to the level of thinking that Dr. Kohli has was an eye opening episode. Understanding the point of view of a marketing expert, and then trying to think like him with every new case, spending nights buried into the thought of analyzing facts and situations like the best in the business was extremely tiring, but the most amazing experience in SOIL till now. The amount of skill I absorbed in these two weeks is just tremendous. In retrospect I never thought that learning so much in such little was possible but well, now I know better, thanks to Dr. Kohli.”

As each course comes to an end, we all get a bit of time to reflect on the key takeaways and think about how we would use it when we come up with our big idea or get our dream job. But with Dr. Kohli’s course, every day came with a new learning, a new perspective! He came in like a quiet unassuming storm and before you know, the course was over! The 10 lectures that he conducted saw the dissection of 10 different case studies as we looked its anatomy from a marketing viewpoint, the economic environment at the time, its financials and how the company fared with respect to its competitors. With the kind of details, we learnt how to read, the Exhibits that we always like to skip, Dr. Kohli’s Marketing Strategy course, was one of those experiences that we would love to take with us whichever career path that we choose. It goes without saying for the 30 hours of lectures we had with Dr. Kohli, we all probably slept less than 30 hours in the last two weeks, but it was all worth the toil.” – Preeti Ravi, an aspiring Branding professional from BLP – Section B.


As part of the morning circle activity, Ayush a.k.a ‘Pradhan Ji’ conducted an interesting activity to depict the importance of a leader with a clear vision. The activity involved a group of 5 people led by Saransh Rishi who was blindfolded along with the rest, while the students around created a disruption deterring them to reach the end goal.

SOIL’s Toastmasters club is a crème de le crème of all the TM clubs in and around of Gurgaon. As part of the club’s achievements they successfully completed 8 out of 10 TM goals, making them a ‘Select Distinguished Club’. The club is targeting to achieve the prestigious “President’s TM Club”, which is the ultimate honor in TM community.


SOIL’s TM club along with the Entrepreneurship Club hosted the “Innovation Day” on Saturday. They had Mr. Rishabh Bhargava, a Nanotechnology scientist from TATA Solar Power – Bangalore, who spoke about the innovator that exists in each and every one of us which needs to be kindled. He also mentioned that he enjoyed the initiative take by the club and how communication should be given utmost importance in the overall development of one’s character.  As we have invested this one year towards our development, finding ourselves and discovering unexplored facets of our personality we believe working towards them is only just.

The week ended with us witnessing students working harder on the final marketing plan and the dreading accounts exam. All around the clock students were seen either studying or studying. Coming towards the betterment of ones’ colleagues is a commendable trait which we witnessed at SOIL campus. There was no resentment and no unhealthy competition but pure love for each other and for the betterment of ones’ colleagues. Mr. Suraj Pawar and Mr. Viral Mehta took the initiative of clearing the doubts and teaching the basic techniques to approaching the Accounts exam.


Things to look out for:

  • Dreading Accounts Exam.
  • Business Analysis Exam.


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