The Rise of Diverse Management Courses in India

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The Rise of Diverse Management Courses in India


MBA courses or management studies are among the most popular post-graduate programs in India. Several institutes offer the traditional two-year course known as Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), as well as the One Year Executive MBA program. Even though both programs follow different approaches, the course content usually deals with similar concepts. However, with changing economic trends and business models, the traditional areas of focus, namely marketing, human resources, and finance, may not always be sufficient.

In order to keep pace with changing conditions, many MBA courses in Delhi & other major Indian cities are introducing innovative courses. These emerging programs deal with certain crucial areas of management. Here are some such One Year Post Graduate Programs (PGP) and PGDM courses.

  • Public Policy

Management and analytical skills are essential to policy making and implementation of policies. With economic development and welfare objectives, it is the Public Policy program that is especially relevant. Offered in some of India’s most prestigious institutes, this specialization is gaining popularity among the youth.

  • International Business & International Marketing

With the Indian economy’s increased interaction with global business markets, expertise in international models is essential. It is equally important to establish a global platform for products and services. As a result, an increasing number of management programs are beginning to offer these specializations.

  • Information Technology

The remarkable growth of innovative information technology in India has created immense potential for Indian businesses. However, effective management skills are necessary to utilize this potential. It is viewed as an excellent PG program for BE or B. Tech graduates.

  • Entrepreneurship

Many MBA candidates in India are also aspiring entrepreneurs, hoping to venture into their own businesses. A PGDM or one year MBA program that focuses on entrepreneurship equips them with all the necessary skills they may need to turn their ideas into effective business strategies.

  • Rural Management

Regional imbalances and the lack of social entrepreneurship c

reate a vicious cycle in rural India. The rural management program allows candidates to learn to generate leadership amongst underprivileged rural communities. The aim is to devise developmental strategies, using existing resources.

Many such innovative and significant specializations have been incorporated by PG programs in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and other important cities. Whether in a two-year PGDM or a One Year PGP, you can now choose from a diverse set of management specializations.

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