Executive MBA Programs in India for Professionals

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Executive MBA Programs in India for Professionals


Acquiring an executive MBA, unlike a conventional MBA degree, is not just about gaining management knowledge and skills. Designed for those with 10-15 years of experience, the right executive program can prove to be a launching pad into upper management jobs all over the world.

Factors for choosing Executive MBA programs in India -

We know that a wrong decision can result in a huge and expensive waste of time, effort, and money. Hence, consider these factors when comparing and identifying top executive MBA courses in India for professionals -

Choice of Institution

Some of the top institutions that offer highly rated executive MBA programs in India, apart from us, include IIMs, ISB, XLRI, IIFT, and Symbiosis. Some institutions enjoy better brand recognition and visibility as compared to others. While choice of institution is important, it is imperative to keep in mind that merely joining a top business school will not automatically result in a career boost.

Topics Covered in the Curriculum of Executive MBA programs in India

A generic course from a top institution will not provide the same benefits as a specialized course designed to meet your requirements and professional needs. The comparison of institutions must be accompanied by a comparison of the curriculum as well.

We advise candidates to keep in mind that the executive MBA programs in India should remain relevant and useful for a long time in the future. Opting for a future oriented degree should be your top priority irrespective of the brand value of the business school in question.

Course Fee and Average Placement Salary in Executive MBA Programs in India

If asked to choose between spending Rs. 8 to earn a profit of Rs. 10, and spending Rs. 6 to earn a profit of Rs. 12, which one would you choose? Ultimately, the executive MBA programs you choose should offer adequate benefits to justify the costs. Opting for an exorbitant degree that results in an average increase in salary does not make sense. Instead, you should opt for an affordable program as long as there is no compromise in quality.

Ease of Entry in Executive MBA Programs in India

We recognize that managing a MBA degree along with a job can be an extremely tough proposition. In such a scenario, opting for an institution with extremely rigid and harsh entry standards can affect your productivity even further. It is advisable to consider the one, out of the many executive MBA programs in India, that looks beyond marks and scores, and considers work experience and other parameters when offering admission.


Opting for a one year Executive MBA in India is an important decision with immense strategic implications. Have an open mind and analyze your options in an impartial and unbiased manner to ensure you enjoy maximum gains and benefits from your decision to acquire this important qualification.

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