Tips to Prepare for MBA entrance !

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Tips to Prepare for MBA entrance !


In order to prepare for an MBA entrance examination, you must devote equal time and efforts. Discipline is extremely important. First, prepare a proper study schedule and make sure that you strictly follow it. You must also dedicate some time for revision on a weekly basis, since this is extremely important. Here are some more tips as you prepare for your MBA entrance and later for your MBA interview:

  • Start working on your vocabulary and language skills. Your communication skills need to be excellent. You can improve your communication abilities by reading a standard National Daily Newspaper or some good books regularly. This will also increase your awareness about the current affairs.
  • Before you start preparing, you need to possess a lot of self-confidence. If you aren’t confident about your language skills, start practicing reading the newspaper aloud in front of a mirror for 15-20 minutes every day.
  • For the right vocabulary, spell checks and grammar, look up a standard Dictionary and take references. For better-spoken English, you can start watching an English TV show or news program who speaks in an easy and accent free tone. Make sure you watch it every day, take notes if required.
  • Remember, hard work is the mantra for success. You must have the determination to work hard plus a never-say-die attitude in order to succeed.
  • Most of the students who qualify for 1 year executive MBA in India or one year MBA typically have a strong Math background. Therefore, if you’re not very good with numbers, you must prepare hard to do better.
  • Practice basic arithmetic problems to solve the Quantitative Aptitude segment. Keep your cool when attempting Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning since you have to answer the questions using common sense.
  • Start preparing yourself for Group Discussions and Interview. Start solving puzzles and participate in quizzes to boost your logical ability.

Also, you must invest in C.A.T and G.M.A.T preparation books to prepare yourself well. Start with on-line tests to improve your chances of obtaining a good score. Find out your weaknesses and work on them to improve.

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