Things to Remember While Choosing a One Year Executive MBA in India

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Things to Remember While Choosing a One Year Executive MBA in India


Management is perhaps one of the most dynamic career paths in terms of professional growth opportunities. As an executive, wishing to enhance your skills or acquire a leadership position, pursuing an MBA is often the logical step forward. Although the customary two-year MBA program has been preferred traditionally, in recent years, executive MBA programs are also gaining popularity.

With the one year executive MBA in India, you have a more efficient and practical alternative. However, it is very important to plan in advance to ensure a productive experience.

Here are some of the significant points to ponder over, before applying for an executive MBA program.

  • Comfort Level in a Classroom

Although an executive MBA in India tends to be much more dynamic as compared to a traditional MBA classroom, in essence, it is a peer-learning platform. This is a major positive when it comes to interacting with executives from diverse backgrounds and creating a business network. Connecting with different professionals certainly broadens and enhances your professional perspective. However, some individuals may not be able to function well in such a set-up. In such cases, the rigorous one year executive program may not be the best alternative.

  • Involvement of Employers

Some employers may offer to partly or fully finance your MBA, as an increase in your skills is also beneficial to the company. It is therefore important to discuss and interact with your current employers before opting for an executive MBA courses. However, don’t forget that it is essentially an investment that your employer is making, and would be expecting profitable returns from. For this reason, if you accept financial aid from your company, it is important to remain committed to the program and the company.

  • The Schedule

A one year executive MBA tends to be more intensive than the traditional two-year program. This implies rigorous schedules, with little scope for flexibility. As a candidate, you are required to dedicate much of your time and energy to the program to get the best results.

  • The Curriculum

Perhaps the most vital criteria while deciding upon one year MBA degree is - the curriculum. The course structure allows for certain electives apart from the core subjects. These usually include an assortment of essential hard and soft skills. Choose the electives that supplement your professional growth in terms of your career goals.

A one year MBA is a great way of paving the path to a bright professional career. With these points in mind, you can choose an executive MBA in India, best suited for you.

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