Things to remember before choosing a Business Program

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Things to remember before choosing a Business Program


Why MBA?!” is a question you’ve heard before or even asked yourself. It’s a question that gets thrown around a lot and not without reason. Does it make sense to go to Business School? Is it right after the bachelor's degree or after working for a couple of years and an understanding the ropes of the industry or when you have a significant experience and are looking to move to mid or senior management roles.

There can't be a single or an objective answer to a question like this. The answer depends largely on the individual's career goals, academic and professional background, and the availability of time and financial resources. There are programmes which cater to all groups of fresh graduates to those with even 25+ years of experience and hence it is for the individual to select which program suits him/her best.

Let’s say you’re interested in doing an MBA in Delhi. There are a wide range of business programmes, including a full time two year program designed for fresh graduates or those who have spent only a few months/years in the corporate world, the full time two year programmes are ideal for those who are looking to understand and gain a holistic perspective of the business world.

MBA colleges in Gurgaon include the one year MBA at School of Inspired Leadership and many more. They explore diverse perspectives with international faculty. Some of these programmes have a summer internship component built into the curriculum which provide a corporate learning experience for those with no prior work experience and provide a direct entry into management trainee roles for the participants. They are also ideal for those looking to change their industry as they have an opportunity to learn about the industry of their choice during the internship.

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