The happening week | 2nd week of Second Trimester

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The happening week | 2nd week of Second Trimester


The Self Starters batch entered into the 2nd week of their Second Trimester. The students are back with a bang as they got an opportunity to do their internships with some of the biggest names in the industry and finally term 1's theories have had their applicability tested.

Section ‘A’ got a flavor of Cognitive Computing and Data Analytics by understanding the simulation of human thought processes in a computational model. Everyone got a fair idea on how to get meaningful insight from any random data set.  On the other side, students of Section B were trying to deep dive in CF2 and MM II. The coin is all set to flip this week with the vice-versa courses happening in the other sections. Check out our blog on one year MBA program.

Last Wednesday, the batch witnessed the first day of SIP, the most awaited experience in the SOIL Curriculum. Early morning everyone were seen going to their respective NGO’s with a lot of inquisitiveness and excitement to understand and more so feel the experience. The next day, everyone had some amazing stories to share with few of them as eye-openers. Each beaming face was eager to tell about their experience and compassionate human touch they experienced that day. Stories of slum dwelling, children, differently abled people and many more… Everyone is waiting eagerly for the coming Wednesday to deep dive into this new aspect of life.

From our own Guru’s words…
“The Social Innovation Program at School of Inspired Leadership helped me understand how much work is needed at the grassroots in the country to uplift sections of the society that has been left really far behind. I now realize how privileged me  & the people around me are.”

#Apoorva ’s experience in her own words-
“I got the best gift what SOIL could have given to me. The experience of working with Spark Minda's NGO. I am very excited about the projects that have been allotted to us! We will be working on assessment of a women hygiene project of the Aakarshan School (which offers vocational courses for poor people) and the specially abled people working in the factories of Minda group across India.  I'd really like to thank Anil Sir, ANB Sir and SOIL for giving us such a great opportunity!”

The students of SOIL had the rare opportunity of listening to Ms. Laura Kohler, whose family runs the Global Kohler Company, one of the member of SOIL's co-founder consortium. Ms. Kohler is ‎Senior Vice President - Human Resources and Stewardship at Kohler. What a brilliant session it was! She gave a brief introduction about her company, a company which is 143 years old, the one that faced 6 recessions, the business stood strong through several calamities, rebuilt burnt plants and still managed to reach heights in each sector it is into.  Kohler is a $6 billion venture, with a 4 generational leadership running the organization.

Laura called herself as 'Queen of part time jobs'. She talked about how she used to hide her identity and always tried to prove she's more than just a member of Kohler family. She loved acting and even ran a theater company at one time. After some diverse trial and errors jobs ,she joined her family business ‘Kohler’. She helped Kohler grow from a company of 1600 to 34000 employees and at the same time managed her family and her three children.  Ms. Kohler also sits on the board of many NGOs as she believes in contributing back to society in diverse ways. She flawlessly answered the bag full questions of SOIL students had for her.


SOIL Gurgaon Toastmasters club hosted the Division Level Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest. More than 50 participants from various companies like RBS, TCS, American Express, HDFC, IBM etc. participated from their corporate Toastmasters club. Our very own drama king, Vikas Gupta was one of the contestants in the Humorous Speech. His analogy of ‘She’ and ‘Language C’ made the audience roll on the floor. SOIL students came in full attendance to support Vikas and ANB Sir came to witness Vikas Gupta’s performance. Although he didn’t win, but he definitely won the hearts of the audience and received a lot of appreciation from the SOIL fraternity. At the end of the day it is Participation is more important than winning!! What say friends!!


Snapshot 2nd October celebration –


Things to look out for in the coming week:
·         Inspired Leadership Conclave
·         Operations and Supply Chain Management Beer quiz
·         Elective Classes
·         Soil Premier League

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