The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Part-Time MBA

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The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Part-Time MBA


In India, management is regarded as a highly rewarding career path. As a result, a large number of graduates, as well as working individuals, opt for postgraduate studies in this field. However, with the highly competitive atmosphere, securing admission into MBA programs becomes difficult for many aspirants. On the other hand, some individuals may not be able to pursue a full-time MBA program on account of personal or professional commitments.

Thankfully, a number of Indian institutes have come up with a feasible solution to tackle these difficulties, namely, a part-time MBA program. Candidates who are not able to pursue a traditional MBA program can enrol for a part-time MBA through online or distance learning portals.

The Advantages

  • Although the medium of instruction differs, the course structure and curriculum for a part-time MBA is the same as that for a traditional MBA. This means that candidates enrolled in such a program do not lose out on the essentials of the course.
  • The timings and duration for a part-time program tend to be much more flexible than a full-time course. Distance learning programs are spread across the duration of 2-3 years. Online resources allow you to choose a time schedule, as per your convenience.
  • A part-time MBA program allows you to learn, as well as work. In some cases, employers may encourage you to take up such a course, so as to enhance your capabilities and contribution to the organization.

The Disadvantages

  • Despite having the same curriculum, a part-time MBA lacks the rigor and many other crucial benefits of a full-time program. Students also lose out on the productive classroom sessions and interactive discussions with peers.
  • Institutes have also observed a large number of dropouts during the course of part-time MBA programs. Not all of the candidates are able to commit and adapt to learning through a distance setup.
  • The enrolment criteria of part-time programs lacks completely in the competitive aspect, failing to assess various skills and capabilities of the candidates.

Due to these drawbacks employers tend to value a full-time MBA program over a part-time program. This significantly limits the candidates’ opportunities for professional growth.

Be sure to take into consideration the benefits as well as limitations before enrolling in a part-time MBA program. Choose a one year MBA program that allows you to make the most of your abilities.

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