Take off your cooling glass!

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Take off your cooling glass!

Waiting for a bus in the scorching sun can really be arduous. I was feeling dizzy and a bit annoyed. With nothing else to do, I started checking out all the people present there and their unique mannerisms (It’s my way of passing the time). And suddenly out of the blue, a girl appeared in black jean, a fancy yellow top and a black over coat. And adding to it, she wore a matching cooling glass. Before you readers jump on to imagine that this is another so called love @ first sight story, please hold on.

Yes of course, I was gawking at that girl for few seconds. She was a pleasant change to my otherwise monotonous agonizing wait. But what really interested me was not the girl, but the constant stare of a middle aged lady on the girl’s attire. It seemed weird. For every few seconds, she kept staring at her from top to bottom. I guessed what would be her thoughts. And she confirmed it when I overheard (someone in next street might not have heard her) her conversation with her companion.

“So is this what these kids call fashion?” said the lady sarcastically in regional language and again gave her an eerie look. And at that second a thought crossed my mind.

Our world is divided into two - Rich & poor. Or we can say those who can afford luxury (even through credit card which make them bankrupt) and those who couldn’t.

In olden times, defining a rich person was so simple. If you own a television or Maruti 800, you are rich. If you own two of those, you are super – rich. But today the word fashion has blended well within our grey cells and we groom ourselves as best as we can and make use of all the items available in the market from cooling glass to fancy ornaments.

Please for God sake, stop wearing your cooling glass inside a mall! It’s not at all cool

But even though most of the people are into luxury, there are a set of people totally oblivious of our world. The lady at the bus stop didn’t even realize it wasn’t polite to stare at someone for so long and make an open comment.

So what’s my point here?

Friends, things might look pretty within your cooling glass, but take it off for once and see the real world around us. It isn’t all sunshine and roses. I took off mine at the bus stop.


There are a set of people without basic education, proper food and shelter and doesn’t know to differentiate between right and wrong.

So what are we, the so called “Elite cadre” going to do about it? When I say Elite cadre I don’t mean, we are the superior ones. We are the fortunate few who have got the opportunity to get proper Education and now it’s time for us to use the acquired knowledge for the greater good.

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” - Kofi Annan

- By Sankar Kailash D

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