Tackle the MBA Admission Interviews with ease

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Tackle the MBA Admission Interviews with ease


MBA interviews can often be nerve-wracking, but are almost always a great platform to showcase who you are and what you’ve done with your life & the opportunities presented to you. The interview is an essential part of applying for any MBA courses in India.

One year MBA admissions are a nervous time and if you’ve already set your heart on a particular course or school, you’re likely to be even more nervous – understandably so, because you’re keen to make a good impression. What you need to understand is that if you’ve managed to get selected for the interview in the first place, it probably means that you have the necessary skill set for this particularly demanding program. In that regard, the interview by itself is not a test & you don’t need an additional set of skills for it. It is more about the applicants themselves – their background and goals.

Some of the issues that typically come up in MBA interviews include gaps in work experience, as well as responsibilities and accomplishments. Diving deeper into topics covered in the application essays to get a better sense of goals & overall clarity of thought.

Often, a big topic in MBA admissions is choice of the school. Even if the school you’re interviewing at is a “back-up school,” of sorts, it is important to know the program inside out, and really understand why it would be a good place for you. MBA interviews today are often more than just a one-on-one, question-and-answer event. Some business schools throw in a case study, or other practical activity, to get a sense of how you think through business problems.

Some business school interviews also might involve a team or cooperative component. The admissions interview at Wharton, for instance, includes a session where applicants work in groups of six or seven to discuss business problems.

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