Some Useful Reasons to Opt for the SOIL One Year MBA Program

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Some Useful Reasons to Opt for the SOIL One Year MBA Program


Once you have decided to do the one year MBA program over the conventional or distance education degree, it is time to compare different institutions and choose the best possible course suited to your preferences and requirements. Deciding to opt for our one year MBA program will help you enjoy the following advantages and benefits.

Lenient Experience Requirements

We offer a full-time program designed for experienced individuals seeking a relatively affordable post-employment qualification. Unlike Executive MBA Programs that are designed for employees with at least seven to nine years of experience, the one year MBA program will be useful even if you have just two years of experience. In fact, an enterprising individual can consider this option even if he or she does not have any significant work experience.

Condensed but Comprehensive

This one-year MBA program covers all important aspects of a conventional MBA program in a condensed timeframe. Hence, you will be exposed to knowledge related to various areas like marketing, finance, management, data analytics, use of technology, and brand management in a single degree. While you may have specialized in a specific functional area within the organization during your job, the MBA degree will give help you learn more about each and every department of your organization.

Experienced Faculties

For a MBA course, especially a one-year course, to be truly effective, the student should enjoy exposure to experienced faculties who have worked in the corporate sector. We have some of the best coaching and mentoring faculties who understand the importance of going beyond theoretical instructions. The last thing you want is to opt for a one year MBA programs that compromises in quality and comprehensiveness. We ensure you gain in-depth knowledge of core concepts in the shortest possible timeframe.

Better Job Prospects

With such a degree offering assured improvement in pay packages and job opportunities, you have the option of either taking a short break from your work or quitting your job altogether to complete your MBA. Opting for our one year MBA degree will help you quickly reenter the job market with easy access to numerous lucrative job prospects.

Blindly going in for an extremely expensive program that does not offer any real benefit can affect your career and financial prospects over the long run. This is why we advise all MBA enthusiasts to carry out a detailed cost-benefit analysis before taking a final decision.

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