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SOIL's Innovative Mentorship Program

SOIL's Innovative Mentorship Program


‘A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained.’ – Shawn Hitchcock.

You as a student have a goal in your head and are striving to attain it. The road to a successful career is full of thorns, potholes and irregularities; you know this very well and still have chosen to embark on this journey. Now imagine an angel guiding you through this path, carefully skipping all the thorns and potholes and directing you towards the goal you aimed for. This angel in today’s world is referred to as a mentor, the Yoda to your Luke Skywalker, the Mr. Miyagi to your Daniel, and a mentor is exactly what you need to go that extra mile.

Mentorship in an MBA course is much appreciated, experienced professionals from the industry guiding young guns to better themselves is always a welcome idea. A selected few educational institutions in India have the mentorship program in its curriculum. The School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) being one of them. SOIL is an educational institution located in Gurgaon and is ranked amongst one of the top Business schools in India for its various executive MBA courses; it stands right there with XLRI, ISB, and IIM. Their one year MBA module comes with several new and innovative programs like the Social Innovation Program (SIP) and the Mentorship program, let’s focus on the latter.

At SOIL the student will be assigned with two mentors, a corporate leader as an external mentor and a faculty member as an internal mentor. The mentoring module provides the student an opportunity to seek career guidance from experienced corporate mentors, faculty and practitioners. It also helps to build a network and achieve your career goals. This unique opportunity has transformed into lifelong relations for many students.

If you’re planning for a one year MBA in India, ensure that the curriculum is inclusive of mentorship programs. A 1 year full time MBA in India will be tiring and hectic but with the right guidance, backed by a reputed educational institution there will be no stopping you.

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