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SOIL Toastmasters Gurgaon

It's a rush, like going to a boxing arena or a glamour ramp. With thumps you can hear in everything you have, with the silently bickering reverberations in your chest and with the wandering and flickering mind you can’t tame, a voice tells you, "You are on in 30 seconds", and that's when the blasting surge of blood almost escapes your body through your fingers. Therefore the process that follows wherein the body dissipates heat and every vessel inside goes icy cold isn’t just unusual but something innately surreal. That's our kick.

Talking about what Toastmasters is would be too trite. Let us look at what it is not. It is not just a platform where you randomly stand up and start speaking. It is not just a way to boost your confidence. It is not just a gig to up the volume of your voice. It is not just a medicine to help you deal with phobias. It is not just a class to teach you how to woo your interviewer. It is not just a place where you get judged without any reason. It is not just a center-stage where you are praised every other moment. But it is a combination of anything and everything. As stated earlier, it's a rush, like going to a boxing arena or a glamour ramp. Check out one year MBA by SOIL here!

"You are on in 10 seconds", the pressure is surmounting, pretty much visible in the legs shaking and lips quivering! A million stories to be told on the stage, and it beckons you with open arms and devilish eyes though you think you are better off it. But, too bad, adventure is the essence of a journey, too bad, you have to climb the tree to have a better look at the world. You want it figured out, the fear that stops you from organizing yourself and the feeling when you are pressed to perform. As already proven, it's a rush, like going to a boxing arena or a glamour ramp.

“You are on in 5 seconds”, and you are jabbing through. It is completely up to you whether you chicken out in the war with yourself or you stand to show the moves to prove your mettle to your insecure self. Defeat could be an outcome, probable outcome. But then who wants to win? It is all about the definition of victory you believe in, the sole factor which would determine whether you win or lose. Knowing that you will have to forget all the troubles and bottlenecks of your otherwise static life when you go on the stage should be the reason for a sense of responsibility.

Just about then, when a bellow of applause welcomes you asking a question, "Are you good enough?", look them into the eye and answer them in a way best known to you. The clock still ticks strong, the time is not up yet. It is not about the 5... 4... 3... 2...1 and go, but it is about those 420 more seconds that you have to be on stage to box blood and bone in the arena and walk with poise on the ramp.

The stage is set, Are you ready? Are you good enough?

With love,
SOIL Toastmasters Gurgaon,
Where leadership is chiseled.

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