SOIL- Second Innings

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SOIL- Second Innings


Journey from the supersonic fighter aircraft’s to the SOIL class room was not a cake walk. Having moved out of the Indian Air Force, and looking to make a mark in the corporate was not all that easy.  I was pretty clear in my mind that I do not want to lose my identity of being from the most respected and disciplined organisation and at the same time build upon my skills to get acquainted to a new working environment.

I was looking for a platform that would help me launch myself into the corporate world.  And to the best of my luck I came across SOIL and the value system of SOIL was what clicked to me instantaneously. I realise this place will help me imbibe both parts of my life.

And I am really thankful for the entire SOIL fraternity for recognising the contribution of the armed forces in the form of scholarship and providing this opportunity. Now towards the completion of this course I am pretty confident that I made a right choice at right time.

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The journey was full of learning clubbed with ample fun.  The personalized one on one interaction with the faculty and staff added to my holistic development. And for someone like me who had no prior experience of working with the corporate, SOIL provided a platform for industry exposure through its intensive one month internships, external mentoring sessions, leadership series talks and the Social Innovation program which itself was a great and much needed learning experience. The curriculum at Soil not only helped me understand ifs and buts’ of the business and corporate life but also helped me relate and utilize all my knowledge and expertise that I have gain through air force.

Few of my experience at SOIL in my own words:( immediate feelings captured)

On placements: When you consider doing an MBA from a B-school...U obviously look at the companies visiting campus for placements and you have that one company in your mind where you would like to move post the MBA. And the B school provides you an opportunity to do your internship from the same company and you also get the offer from the same company....It feels like a scripted story and destiny takes you where you want to... Thank you School of Inspired Leadership... for providing me with this opportunity. Mahindra and Mahindra it is J

On SOIL Premier League:

28 april 2014 -Met few people for the first time...
11 may 2014... We played cricket together as a team for the first time and lost both the matches
22 sep 14 -We came together once the tournament dates were announced with a common goal of winning it..
None of them believed we can even won a match but..........
we practiced ,,,we sweated,,, we gave all that we had,,,
None believed in us,,but I believed in the team,,,the team believed in me and we believed in each other...and this is what happens when you believe and play for your team,,,
12 oct 2014......the day was ours ,,the cup was ours and spl 2014 was ours...and none of us is going to forget this day...what an experience...thank you team.

On Social Innovation project: (NGO-Esha people for the blind and on completion of the SIP project)

Tour de Vision. Miles for Lives: It was again one of those days when u wake up even before your alarm starts ringing. Months of planning, months of anxiety...questioning yourself al these days...are we really on track!! are we making sense whatever we planning!!!....Making multiple rounds of authorities ...vendors ....and what not.....but it feels great, when your efforts are noticed,, a cause is noticed, people stopping by on highway to ask what is this all about!!! lots of learning ‪#‎Social ‪#‎leadership ‪#‎Projectmanagement ‪#‎finance ‪#‎socialmedia‪#‎marketing ‪#‎Eventmanagement ‪#‎liasoning ‪#‎Teamwork ‪#‎Designning all this clubbed in one.....Thank you for this opportunity #‎SIP School of Inspired Leadership Esha Clabil Esha - People for the Blind

I believe it’s better to learn through experiences and SOIL provided me a platform for exploring my capabilities through various avenues like a sports field or a Social set up to a corporate sector. The one year at SOIL has imbibed within me the much needed confidence and determination to step into the corporate world. I have a task in hand of proving people that we at forces are not only good administrators but also good managers and can prove to be great corporate leaders as well, and am pretty sure SOIL is the stepping stone towards that.

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