SOIL PGP- One year MBA inclusive of the Social Innovation Program

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SOIL PGP- One year MBA inclusive of the Social Innovation Program


A master’s degree is often confused as a portal to a much better remuneration, if you thinking on these lines then you’re as mistaken as formals on a Friday. Top honchos cozying in their luxurious glass cabins are not fools to hire any tom, dick and harry with an MBA degree, even if you’re qualified from an Ivy League institution. The one that excels has the complete package, not just theoretical or practical, but the entire package. No one is born with such talent unless you’re Clark Kent then that’s a different story, but for us mere mortals we need training and guidance and that’s where a reputed institution comes in to play. Take the School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) for instance, a top business school located in Delhi that offers a 1 year post graduate course in India.
They do not believe in creating “MBA graduates” but overall leaders. Front runners of the ever-evolving business platforms. Individuals that take decisions with authority and have the courage to take risks while doing so. As mentioned earlier if their curriculum consists of practical and theoretical modules what separates SOIL from the rest? SOIL offers a one year MBA course that includes a pioneering module called the Social Innovation Program (SIP) among several others.

What is Social Innovation Program (SIP)?
SOIL believes that candidates must inculcate the qualities of a leader rather than just of a post graduate. In doing so they have left no stone unturned, their affiliation with an array of NGOs is testament to that. A cohort of students are assigned to an NGO and work closely towards community development. Candidates apply the knowledge acquired in the MBA course towards the development of the NGO, like innovative ways of income generation, developing more with less and so on. The module begins in the second term and the student spends one day every week with the assigned NGO.
After the course when your resume reflects these extra-curricular activities that too during the one year PGP course, the recruiter will for sure know that you’re not just a bookworm but believe in getting out there and doing something.

Do check out SOIL among other top educational institutions while browsing for a business school for your one year MBA degree.

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