Reasons to Consider Business Leadership Program

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Reasons to Consider Business Leadership Program


The Business Leadership Program (BLP) is a one year full time program designed for graduates with a minimum work experience of two years. It is an amalgamation of unique learning experiences, carefully selected courses and skill building workshops. This amalgamation equips you to develop a thorough understanding of business as well as evolve a high level of self- awareness regarding your own leadership style, thus being better prepared for leading a team and getting into new areas such as Marketing, Sales, Business Development, business analysis and consulting.

This leadership program is designed for one year keeping in mind your aspiration of developing better understanding of the world of business and the need to get back quickly to the corporate world. In this one year PG program you learn from varied enriching experiences – world class faculty, experienced peers from diverse fields, the social innovation program , industry internships and successful leaders and entrepreneurs who frequently visit the campus.

As a student of the Business Leadership Program, you have the opportunity to broaden your learning and earn a degree through our “dual degree program” in partnership with MIP Italy or you may accentuate your global perspective through our exchange program with MIP Italy, Pinchot Seattle and UNB Canada

With the government relying on private sector to spur growth, it is obvious that the future of the Indian economy will depend on the quality of business leadership in private organizations. Read ahead to find out how our Business Leadership Program will help you prepare for the future.

1. Tackling Cross-Functional Challenges

In the past, individual departments of an organization functioned in an independent manner with minimal cross-functional management. Today, an organization cannot afford to set up independent and exclusive departments.

Quality of customer support affects branding, which has an impact on marketing and sales. Aggressive sales promotion strategies cannot be formulated without considering inventory management strategies. Quality of HR management affects the operation of all other departments.

Our quality business leadership program will teach you to tackle cross-functional challenges in an efficient and effective manner. Managing conflicts, improving productivity, and enhancing synergy will be the primary duties of the modern business leader in India.

2. Avoid Risky Trial-and-Error Methods

Today, individuals as well as organizations cannot afford to adopt a trial-and-error method towards business leadership. An experimental approach can wreck havoc on the profitability and credibility of the organization. Our formal business leadership training is a combination of a future-oriented curriculum and personal mentoring by experienced faculties.

3. Going beyond the Business

Unlike in the developed countries where the idea of social responsibility of businesses is a relatively recent phenomenon, ancient Indian thought has always emphasized on the balance between social benefit and commercial profit.

Hence, you must choose a business leadership program that borrows from this philosophy. Working in the not-for-profit sector through social innovation programs can help you understand the true essence of business leadership.Read here about one year MBA.

4. Holistic Approach towards Leadership

While businesses may function on a 9-to-5 basis, leadership cannot be an on-off affair. Controlling stress, focusing on self leadership, implementing wellness strategies, exploring new hobbies and activities like theater and Yoga — real business leadership must encompass all aspects and facets of your life. Keep this point in mind when comparing leadership programs with any other MBA programs.


A goal-oriented business leadership program can have a tremendous transformative impact on individuals as well as organizations. Hence, you must consider and compare multiple courses and options, including ours, to ensure you take an informed decision when choosing the best business leadership program in India.

Students Feedback

We believe in statistics when it comes to student delight and the Business Leadership Program is consistently rated high on faculty, course and learning by our students. The overall satisfaction of our students on the learning experience is rated at 4.42 on a scale of 5.

The memories of first week are still fresh in my memory. We started our day by offering prayers, like I did during my school days. The most outstanding event was the Development Center which was created on the theme of the “movies”. Without knowing that we were being evaluated, we performed a series of activities such as enacting, writing scripts, jingles, pre and post film production activities. I could not believe I had so much creativity within me and even acted on stage for the very first time. In retrospect, I realized that we were actually practicing valuable skills of management such as team building, negotiation, planning, innovation and problem solving.
- Surbhi Khanna (HR Leadership Program, Batch of 2015-16)

The day I entered SOIL, I was overwhelmed by its uniqueness in a way it instills an essence of confidence & enthusiasm through its inspiring ecosystem. Primal objective during the first week was to assess and appreciate an individual’s learning approach and potential. The activities performed helped me realize my strengths and how I could leverage them to prosper in my life. Within the first week, we were exposed to different industry speakers inspiring us, sharing how practicing values nurtures one’s personal and professional life.
- Saurabh Chauhan (BLP, Batch of 2015-16)

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