Don’t forget to be awesome :)

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Don’t forget to be awesome :)

Whosoever said a management course cannot be fun is highly delusional. We say this because, things cannot get more fun and competitive than this at SOIL. As the days goes by, life at SOIL is getting pretty exciting. Week after week we are experiencing something interesting in aspects of learning, inculcating the same and to move on to something different. Life is always about learning new things and becoming a better version of ourselves. Various types of MBA courses teaches us various ways to bridge the gap in whatever it is that we lack, be it skill set, personal traits or character building.   

 Last week has been “Real Busy”. When we say it “We mean it”. Late night… Shah… Early morning case assignments, quantitate confusion, and qualitative doubts with only couple of hours to nap and some others had to forego that too. The strategy classes, the business analysis final submissions, Excel assignment kept each one of us on our toes.  But, even with very little sleep, everyone woke up feeling strong, determined and capable.  Keep up the spirit guys!!We have the next week making us stronger… more capable… and yes… It’s Monday! Don’t forget to be awesome!

 Amidst this chaos, classes and sleepless nights, we had our ongoing internship scares. Microsoft, Sales Excel, Anand Group, Make my trip, Mahindra & Mahindra, Authbridge had their own internship procedures in place. Few of them declared the results while many are still awaiting. Our own Bharat- the star warrior, nailed Microsoft making us all proud. Along with him, Sankar Ajay, Romia, Ashish Shringi and Minali Arora got placed in various companies for their internships. We congratulate them on their placements.


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Our very own HRLP batch went for their first outing after a tiring week they had in aspects of academics, internships and assignments. They had visited “Roots” where they had an amazing time according to some of the people whom we spoke with. It’s a bit selfish that they had left us behind and but then again…. whatever.


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Coming back to effective decision-making, we had a small interaction with Dr.Sanjay Dhir and how important making is to him, he says –“I was about to join McKinsey but I left the opportunity and entered Academics,  and today I actually feel happy about that decision”. This was the response of Dr. Dhir after listening to the feedback from SOIL students. We think the quote by Plato – “A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers" is after all true. Get complete information on one year MBA here!

 On Friday, as a part of leadership series, Mr. Bimal Dayal of Indus Towers visited SOIL to deliver an insightful lecture to the students. He narrated beautiful stories of his life and how each of his past decisions carved him into what he is today. He talked about the “Crucibles of Life” and its importance in guiding all the decisions he’s made. With a short story about the founder of Star Bucks and how the company prioritizes employee care, he gave an insight of the power of choice we make in our life. He emphasized on the necessity of authentic leadership and its importance for any transformational change. Lastly Mr. Dayal talked about Indus Towers, its vision and how the company stands for the value it has ingrained within.


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They say “Ignorance is Bliss”. If that was the case, one may wonder why people seek knowledge. Continuous learning is a process of life, pinnacle of the attitude with the vision to aim for the sky. One should be a constant learner and the convocation held on the 16 July is a proof of that. 8 students from the ELP batch had their convocation this Saturday. The students were super senior people with great enthusiasm and passion for what they do. Mr. Manish Sharma, CEO of Panasonic India was the guest and shared his views on being an Inspired Leader. The Program Chair of ELP Batch, ANB Sir also spoke about leadership and learning. The students of Self-Starters batch who were also present to witness the event, found the program very helpful in networking and interacting with such senior people from the industry. The function was streamed live on YouTube by Sudhir Jadhav and Danish Akhtar. They had a hat tossing ceremony too!!!

 Things to look out for:

  • Preparing for Careers by Anil Sir
  • More and More sleepless nights


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