Signs you're ready for a management role in a company

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Signs you're ready for a management role in a company


After completing an MBA you're all geared up to step in the manager role, but filling in the shoes of a manager is not an easy task. You maybe thorough theoretically but will be lacking sheen practically. It’s not a thing to worry about, as the old saying goes ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. A few weeks or months under the training of an experienced professional and you’re right where you want to be. An MBA degree will prep up your arsenal, the ability to use them is up to you. You must be wondering that when you will be able to recognize the signs that you’re ready for the managerial role, here are signs that will indicate just that.

  • Consistent positive results

If you’re unable to perform outstanding work in your current job then that it’s highly unlikely that your team will do too. A manager is a person who works flawlessly 99% of the time and also motivates his team to do so. If you’re consistently performing excellently then you’re ready to take on the role of a manager.

  • Positivity

A good manager is a people’s person. You must inculcate the value of trustworthy relationships with other employees, these relationships are not just confined to your department or team but other departments too. If you’re a loner and barely interact with anyone in the company then that is a sign that you’re not ready yet.

  • Successful leader in projects with several participants

If you want to know that you’re ready or not then you can volunteer to lead a team for a certain project. This team will consist of people from other departments too and depending on your performance as a leader you can judge whether you’re ready or not.

A one year MBA program from reputed universities in India like IIMs, SOIL, XLRI, and ISB can teach you how to be a leader and fit in the manager shoes from the get-go. These universities with their Management Leadership Program and Business Leadership Program inculcate an internship phase in the course. As an intern the student learns under experienced managers and instills the qualities of a manager even before entering the corporate phase. So if you want to pursue a career as a top-notch manager then a MBA program from top-ranking universities is your solution.

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