Shifting Trends in MBA Courses

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Shifting Trends in MBA Courses


A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a post graduation degree that allows individuals to specialize in fields like marketing, human resource, finance, and healthcare. It is one of the most popular professional courses and is not only opted for by fresh graduates but also professionals who are looking to enhance their job portfolios.

The present corporate scenario is witnessing a high requirement for qualified individuals across various market sectors. Therefore, courses are also being altered to suit the market demand.

MBA courses have undergone several modifications since their conception with the four shifting trends being -

1. Specialization opportunities

Although conventional subjects associated with MBA continue to dominate the field, alternative topics like luxury, healthcare, and fashion are quickly gaining popularity in the field of one year MBA in India.

As employers continue to demand specialized graduates for their companies, the institutes offering MBA programs are accommodating a broad range of electives in order to cater to these needs.

2. Methods of dissemination

Technology has revolutionized the way information is spread, especially in the field of education. Additionally, the widespread availability of Internet has encouraged leadership programs to modify their teaching methods in classrooms.

A few of the recent trends in the field of MBA include self-paced study opportunities, part-time courses, and the increasing popularity of Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA) courses. An increasing number of MBA courses in India & around the globe are allowing individuals to pursue these degrees through multiple entry points which enable them to apply throughout the year.

3. Environmental factors

During its conception, the course was devised with the manufacturing business in mind. Since then, a lot has changed, including the environment amidst which the students are taught and trained.

The shift in the managerial styles has directly impacted the way these courses function, leading up to a boardroom-like atmosphere.

4. Involvement in start-ups

A growing trend noticed over the past few years is the rising interest in working for start-ups. The rate of growth along with competitive salaries attracts MBA students to these aspiring enterprises.This is a mutually beneficial situation as the start-ups also gain from having MBA graduates in their company.

There are several MBA courses available but candidates must consider their areas of interest along with the potential growth of the preferred sector. This would help them to make an informed decision.

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