Reasons to do an MBA !

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Reasons to do an MBA !


An MBA is a distinguished degree that enables an individual to excel in his chosen professional career path. This course holds immense importance in the thriving market scenario. The goal of this degree is to create an entrepreneur who is successful in all parameters of conducting business. However, there are still many students in our country who are skeptical about pursuing this course for several untrue reasons.

A professional seeks for several degrees to propel his career. The most common post-graduation degree pursued nowadays is MBA.

Following are some reasons to justify why MBA is the decision to take  –

  • Career Growth?

The beginning of your career is mostly at an operational role. After working smartly and putting in hours of hard work you’re given a promotion. Now after the promotion you have a good work experience and academic profile, but somewhere down the line you feel stagnated. This is where a one year MBA degree or a two year course comes handy; you can switch your career path or jump to a much higher profile with larger responsibilities.

  • Knowledge

Many of you may think spending oodles of money to gain knowledge is unnecessary and you’d rather learn it from the internet. However, the truth is that the knowledge which propels your career cannot be found on internet and books. The studying methods implemented by B schools are innovative and effective. The knowledge you gain in B schools will definitely assist you in your future career path.

  • Self-Growth ?

Pursuing an MBA degree does boost your confidence; the course indulges in interactive sessions, public speaking and communicating with guest lecturers. These guest lecturers will be CEOs, MDs of top companies. After finishing the course you will definitely see an improvement in the way you interact and behave with clients.

  • Change of Geography

An MBA degree from abroad helps you understand the market of that country. If you want to work abroad then an MBA is the golden gate to that dream. In addition, you also get to interact with people from different cultures and build your contacts overseas.

The above 4 pointers are the primary reasons as to why MBA is the course that one should pursue. In our country MBA are of 3 types – a full time MBA, a part time 3 year MBA and one year executive MBA in India. The most suitable for working professionals is a part time or an executive MBA.

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