Post Graduate Courses in India – The Need of the Hour

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Post Graduate Courses in India – The Need of the Hour


In a rush to be independent right after graduation, many students prefer to work rather than continue studying. In such a scenario, pg programs (PGP) are being increasingly perceived as time consuming and not worth the money.This perception is in contrast with what employers look for in potential employees, especially those in business and management sectors.

Here are 5 reasons why you should pursue a post graduate courses:

  • Intellectually rewarding

Unlike an undergraduate course which requires you to study multiple subjects, a 1 year post-graduate course in India is more focused. PGPs are in their very essence a pursuit of knowledge in a subject that you like, which will help you develop skills such as critical thinking, data analysis, and research.

  • Asset to employer

The number of people who hold Bachelor’s degrees greatly outnumbers that section of people who hold a Master’s. By pursuing a one year PGP, you will stand out against the crowd as a more credible source of information and experience.

  • Occupational benefits

People who hold post graduate degrees, especially an MBA, command a greater income and are more likely to be recruited than those holding undergraduate ones. The democratic atmosphere in PGP classrooms resembles and prepares students for the work environment in offices.

  • Balance work and learning

Today, top institutes that offer part-time post graduate courses, allowing you to manage study and work. The timings for these courses are often flexible, allowing you to study at your convenience. This means that you don’t need to sacrifice your current job to further your learning.

Several employers are supportive of their employees’ decisions to study further because it makes them a more valuable asset for the company. Some may even agree to fund your tuition fees, in part or full.

  • Giving direction to your career

A PG course could add to your existing knowledge about a subject, allowing you to carve out a niche for yourself in the job market through specialization.Alternatively, you could pursue a course, the subject matter of which is different from that in which you graduated; for example, pursue an MBA after a degree in engineering.  This will diversify your skills and know-how.

The benefits of pursuing post-graduation courses in Delhi or any other city outweigh its disadvantages. Pursue a Master’s degree to open up new avenues and opportunities for your career.

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